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Photonic Red Light Therapy-acupuncture without needles

04/05/2013 by Trevor Wozencroft

An Australian concept of complementary medicine based on research published in 1996 by Dr Brian McLaren, Photonic Red Light Therapy is the use of red light as an alternative to needles, to stimulate traditional acupuncture points in people, horses & dogs.

A complementary rather than an alternative treatment system that is applied after diagnosis.

Treatment consists of using a particular frequency of light (safe, gentle red Light, not laser) to specific points. It is easy to use at home without the need for specialised training.

It must be clearly stated that biological specimens only absorb non-coherent light, and the coherence of laser light is lost after the first millimetre of epidermis.

Why stimulate with Red Light?

Light energy (photons) is changed into electrical energy by the connective tissue under our skin. This electrical energy is transmitted to the brain by the nerves. Stimulating specific combinations of points on the skin will cause the brain to release particular hormones and additional chemical substances that relieve pain, increase immune response and promote healing.

What is a photon?

When light travels through air, it may be described as moving in very small waves, which are measured in nanometres (nm).However when light moves through other substances, such as tissue, it must be considered as if energy was contained in little packets or photons.

Why stimulate the skin?

The skin is the largest organ of the body, comprising of about 16% of the body’s weight and has two main functions, protection and sensory. Under the skin is connective tissue, which converts any stimulation (pressure, temperature, or certain forms of light), into electrical impulses. When the skin is stimulated the information is conveyed to the brain electrically via the nerve cells.

What will happen to my horse?

When a horse is treated you may become aware of a number of features, which range from the horse drawing in its flanks, raising its tail and passing wind quietly, or dropping its head as well as becoming drowsy.

As soon as a problem is diagnosed and when treating the horse, you should be able to go back over the tender points and notice a reduction in sensitivity. Within 48 hours, or after the second treatment, there is usually a marked improvement, even if the horse is not completely better.

What is an acupuncture point?

An acupuncture point is an area of the skin which has increased electrical conductivity. The stimulation of this point can alter the body’s function by releasing chemicals from the brain.

How does chinese acupuncture relate to Western Medicine?

Acupuncture is ancient Chinese medical art of inserting needles into pre-determined parts of the body to produce physiological change and healing.

As a treatment system acupuncture is as effective as, or in some cases more effective than western medicine, particularly when treating horses. Until recently the mode of action was not fully understood and it could only be explained in terms of ancient-scientific concepts.

Physiology and neurophysiology?

Physiology is the study of how the body functions. Neurophysiology is the study of how the nervous system functions.

Now that acupuncture’s action can be explained in scientific terms, it may be demonstrated that acupuncture is a form of applied neurophysiology. This understanding enables the introduction of a rational advanced method of non-invasive method of acupuncture treatment, which is pain-free, sterile, safe and extremely effective. By using the energy of particular wavelengths of light (which Einstein called photons), it is possible to stimulate tissue and achieve physiological results. This method is known as:

The McLaren method of diagnosis and therapy

The McLaren Method of Diagnosis and Therapy uses broad band 660nm red light to provide the photons required to painlessly and safely stimulate tissue.

Visible light is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum and ranges between 400-700nm. Wavelengths below 400nm (ultra violet) have high energy and do not penetrate deeply into tissue, but can cause damage such as melanomas.

Assessment, and addressing your horse’s problems with Photonic Light Therapy,

By using the McLaren Method thirteen standard points we are able to have an overall idea of the horses health, his method was developed by Dr McLaren, for horses owners to maintain there horse and address any problems that may arise, it dose not replace your primary carers, we have developed a horse comfort program, that is an extension of the 13 standard points, this is a user friendly programme to use with easy to follow instructions.

Addressing problems with the Photonic Therapy Torch

Always treat the nine standard points before using the specific formula when addressing any health issue,

Some of the conditions able to be addressed, Colic, All Viral Diseases, Wound Healing, Tendon Sprains, Eye Problems, Performance Points, Stop Bleeding, and many more, it only requires a few seconds per point for treatment, the Photonic Therapy equine kit contains, one interactive CD, 45 minute assessment video, all relevant health formulas, contained on a USB, for more information go to

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Trevor Wozencroft is a Level lll Photonic Therapist and has a Diploma in Equine Acupuncture and Equine Performance, and a Cert lll in Agriculture Management (Horse Breeding)