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Equine Permaculture: Composting!

27/04/2017 by Dr Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc (Hons), MSc, PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr, Certified Permaculture Design Consultant, MB Equine Services,

Sometimes, permaculture is as simple as changing the way we look at things. This month we bring you a perfect example:  Instead of looking at all that manure your horses produce daily and the hard work you do cleaning it up as ‘waste’, you can see it as your best opportunity to obtain a valuable resource to help you achieve the holy grail of permaculture - building healthy soil to support your horses’ and your land, helping both become more resilient.

The Role of Veterinary Specialists and Referral Equine Hospitals

27/04/2017 by Dr Brett Tennant-Brown, BVSc, MS, Dip ACVIM, Dip ACVECC, U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre,

Like specialists in human medicine, veterinary specialists have extensive experience and expertise in a relatively narrow aspect of veterinary medicine. As such, specialists in equine surgery or medicine are often able to provide services that might be beyond what is possible in general ambulatory practice.  Although not all specialists work from referral hospitals, many do and these facilities enable them to provide an exceptional level of care to your horse. 

10 Easy Steps to Easy Trailer Loading

27/04/2017 by Kate Fenner, BEqSc (Hons), Kandoo Equine,

If you ever thought there must be a better and easier way to train your horse, this new training series by Kate Fenner is designed for you!  Kate’s gentle and no-fuss approach will provide you with the tools and confidence you need to educate your own horse.   This series walks you through specific lessons and how to teach them. From stress-free trailer loading, to handling head-shy horses, to safe mounting. 

Making Hoof Boots Work

27/04/2017 by Andrew Bowe, BAppSc, Cert III (Farriery), Cert IV (Vocational Training and Assessment), Mayfield Barehoof Care Centre,

The development and adoption of removable rubber boots for protecting the hooves of barefoot horses when they are working has been the driving force behind the expansion of barehoofcare - from the eccentric fringe to mainstream. 

Equine Permaculture: Amazing Dung Beetles

30/03/2017 by Dr Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc (Hons), MSc, PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr, Certified Permaculture Design Consultant, MB Equine Services,

This month, we celebrate dung beetles! For horse owners, dung beetles mean mean less cleaning paddocks and poo shovelling, and great soil development, without cost or effort - all things that align with the permaculture principles.  Dung beetles also benefit your horse’s health by helping control fly and parasitic worm populations. While this is great news for all horse and cattle owners, these tiny workers need the right conditions to establish and thrive.


Horse-Mad for Life

27/04/2017 by Cristina Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Horses and People Magazine

Featured on our cover this month is a beautiful photograph by Olya Tutova of Marlene Holohan and her Appaloosa mare, Moonshine Jinxy Minx. A mare who is better known as ‘The Dragon’ for her larger-than-life personality and for having “an opinion about everything”, according to her owner. 

The Cycle of Disaster Resilience

27/04/2017 by Linda Zupanc, in collaboration with Queensland Horse Council,

When it comes to extreme weather events or the possibility of an emergency animal disease outbreak, it’s not so much a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Every year, somewhere in our region is impacted to some extent by a natural disaster - be it cyclones and floods in the north, fires in the south or earthquakes in New Zealand. 

A Place of Introspection

27/04/2017 by Alex Mullarky

It has been nearly ten years since Kari Fulmek and Carolyn Charles first set up their equine assisted learning business, Equine Connection. “It was three years at least of crying and overspending, and really bashing our heads against brick walls,” Carolyn says. 

Pasture Bites: May 2017

27/04/2017 by Jill Griffiths

How many horses can you keep on the land you have? The short answer is it depends on many factors - most importantly the land’s carrying capacity and how you manage it. 

Saddle Design: Breaking New Ground

27/04/2017 by Bates Saddles,

Ron Bates is the man behind some of the equestrian industry’s leading innovations - the CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution. We catch up with Ron on the evolution of saddle design and what’s behind the success of Bates Saddles. The art of saddle making - tradition versus innovation?

Joint Health: What’s All the Fuss About?

27/04/2017 by Dr Georgina Learmonth, BSc, PhD, MBBS, Joint Performance Pty Ltd,

We have all experienced joint-related pain in one form or another - this may have been due to a trauma or something that gradually develops over time.  Like us, our horses also experience joint-related pain. 

Feeding Management Through Winter

27/04/2017 by Tania Cubitt, PhD, HyGain Feeds Pty Ltd,

During cold weather, the horse requires additional energy to maintain its internal body temperature and keep warm. The exact amount of energy depends on the severity and extent of the cold period. 

Researchers Publish New Forage Feeding Recommendations Part Two: Quality

27/04/2017 by Dr Mariette van den Berg, BAppS (Hons), MSc, PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr, MB Equine Services,

While many horse owners are quite aware of the importance of providing roughage to our horses - either from pasture and/or conserved forages - there are different aspects to consider when deciding on what conserved forage you should feed to your horses and how much you should provide (e.g. quality versus quantity).

Horse Facility (re)Design: Part 3 The Provision for Shelter, Comfort and Rest

27/04/2017 by Leonie Lee, BA (Arch), BArch (Hons), Equitecture,

This series of articles on Horse Facility (re)Design will prompt you to (re)consider and (re)evaluate the status quo when it comes to stables, shelters and other equine facilities.  In the first two parts, we explained how the built environment is at odds with the evolved physiology and behaviour of horses, and provided a historical account of horse facility design. 

The Importance of Your Environment

27/04/2017 by Tanja Mitton,

Have you ever heard someone say: “You sound like your mother?” The environment we grow up in and, particularly our parents, are the people who first influence us. This influence generally has a profound impact on our life and shapes, to a large degree, the person we are going to become - either similar to them or the total opposite. 

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