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Respiratory Conditions: Part 1

July 2018 by Sarah van Dyk, BVSc, WestVETS Animal Hospitals & Equine Reproducton Centre,

Welcome to Part One of a new three-part series on respiratory conditions, presented by the team at WestVETS Animal Hospitals & Equine Reproduction Centre. This month, Sarah Van Dyk outlines the anatomy of the respiratory tract and respiratory conditions affecting the equine athlete. Correct diagnosis and treatment of respiratory conditions is integral to our horses performing at their best and maintaining long-term health. 

Beyond Genetics: The Importance of Foetal Nutrition

July 2018 by Dr John Chopin, BVSc, MANZCVS (Equine Medicine), PhD, FANZCVS, Registered Specialist in Equine Reproduction, WestVETS Animal Hospitals & Equine Reproduction Centre,

When horses are bred to be ‘genetic superstars’, but fail to live up to their owners’ and trainers’ expectations, the questions that often arise are:   Did I choose the best bloodlines?

Tongue Ties: Trying to See the Whole Picture

July 2018 by Sonja Vandermark and Cristina Wilkins

Whenever we want to get to the bottom of a question regarding equine performance, welfare, nutrition or disease, we must consider the science. Scientists make it their lives' work to drill down on their areas of interest in an effort to answer all the questions they and their peers have in that area. The value of their work is tremendous: it guides us, shapes our understanding and, eventually, our behaviours and actions. 

Starting Romeo - Part 5 - First Girth

July 2018 by Kate Fenner, BEqSc (Hons), Kandoo Equine,

In this exclusive training series, Kate Fenner from Kandoo Equine is taking  you deep into the essential foundation lessons for any horse.  If you missed Parts 1-4, you can catch up on or via the following links:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 So far, Romeo has learned basic handling, including haltering, grooming, picking up feet, tying up and ‘give to the bit’, both at a standstill and at the walk. 

The Mystery of Colic in the Horse

June 2018 by Dr Morgan Weber, BVSc (Hons), MANZCVS (Equine Medicine), Newcastle Equine Centre

Even though colic is a common ailment in horses, it can be mysterious and frightening for horse owners.  Colic is a generalised term referring to any type of abdominal pain in the horse and most commonly originates from within the gastrointestinal tract, or gut.  This article will focus on the gastrointestinal causes of colic to help horse owners broaden their understanding of the problem and be able to make informed decisions regarding their horse if colic does occur. 


Life-Changing Friendships

July 2018 by Cristina Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Horses and People Magazine

On our cover this month, a photo by Olya Tutova from 42beats of Lisa Drayton with Sam, the 16-year-old Friesian Warmblood she’s owned for 10 years and his new best friend, Gracie, who needed a forever home and is keeping Sam company since his buddy, Libby, passed away some months ago.

Sublime Passions: Delacroix’s Horses

July 2018 by Dr Georgina Downey

I first saw Horses Coming out of the Sea when I was two or three years old, and I hold it entirely responsible for my love of both horses and art. 

In Search of Europe’s Wild Horses

July 2018 by Alex Mullarky

It is dusk. We have made camp in a sloping meadow at the end of a spur, tucked between hills and tree-filled valleys. The last of the light burnishes the long grass in gold. Our day has been spent clinging to the interior of an intrepid 4WD as it negotiated the full range of its capabilities, hiking across a plateau, swapping between binoculars and long camera lenses.

July Grass Farmers: When in Drought...

July 2018 by Karen Budds

With much of eastern Australia experiencing drought, in this issue, we bring you the inspiring story of grass farmer Karen Budds, who together with her partner, Scott Hug, has been able to turn the negative of a situation that we cannot control into a positive action plan that will see them, their land and their horses weather this difficult time.  This is Karen’s story

All About Soil - Part 5 - Using soil tests to improve horse pastures

July 2018 by Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc (Hons), PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr, Certified Equine Permaculture Design Consultant, MB Equine Services,

In this All About Soil series, we have been ‘digging deeper into soils’ and explored what soils are, how soil is formed, the different types of soil (Part 1) and how they sustain life through the soil-food-web (Part 2). 

Feeding During Drought

July 2018 by Tania Cubitt, PhD, HyGain Feeds,

Droughts are part of life for horse owners in Australia. Each drought brings its own set of difficulties. How well you survive drought will depend on the initial plan of action and the modifications undertaken to your strategy as the drought progresses.

Mare and Foal Nutrition Impacts Lifelong Health

July 2018 by Kentucky Equine Research,

Problems associated with excess body condition are well known among horse owners and include insulin resistance, laminitis, osteoarthritis and exercise intolerance. Recent research also shows the health of offspring of overweight mares may also be compromised.

Queensland Itch Vaccine Trial

July 2018 by Cristina Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Horses and People Magazine

The type of allergic dermatitis known as Queensland Itch, Summer or Sweet Itch has so far proven impossible to cure and difficult to manage, but a new study suggests a vaccine may soon be available to provide the relief horses and their owners are looking for.

Technology Hacks for Hacking Out with Your Horse: Part 1

July 2018 by David Stang, PhD, Author,

Our horse world intersects another one, full of Amazon, Ebay, television and new-fangled things. In general, the new-fangled has hardly encountered our horse but, in this article, I have chosen some products that have qualities of ‘high technology’, and should bring some new benefit to horses and their riders. 

Without Judgement

July 2018 by Way Ahead,

According to Mental Health Australia:  “Mental health issues affect one in every five Australians. We cannot afford to be complacent in our efforts to achieve changes to our mental health care system when we consider the impact of mental health on our community.”

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