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Monitoring Body Condition

March 2019 by Dr Jennifer Stewart

According to recent studies, horse owners are missing the early signs of their horses and ponies becoming overweight until they are dangerously obese. This means they are putting their horses at risk and making weight loss programs more difficult

Plastic Shoes: Better than barefoot?

March 2019 by Andrew Bowe

It’s an iconic sound alright; a metal shod horse travelling on hard ground. Some would say it’s music to a horseman’s ears. But what you’re hearing is high frequency vibration; the tiny portion of vibrating energy that escapes the impact zone and disperses through the air. Most of the vibration, however, travels into the hoof. So what’s the big deal about a little bit of vibration?

Equine Sleep Deprivation Study

March 2019 by The International Society for Equitation Science

Sleep is essential for life. The quality and quantity of a horse’s sleep directly affects their health and well-being. However, sleep is rarely considered as part of a horse’s management plan. But a new study has found that poor management or physical problems that discourage horses from lying down can lead to horses becoming sleep deprived and at risk of serious injury. Sleep is a naturally occurring state involving both the body and the mind.

Your horse, your teacher

March 2019 by Tanja Mitton

Is there something we can learn from our horses? Absolutely yes! Where do I begin? Horses teach us so much about ourselves that I constantly refer to them as our ‘personal development coaches’. Horses have the ability to teach us so much more than just ‘how to ride’, the real question is: ‘Are we ready to learn?’

Learn to Recognise the Subtle Signs of Pain

February 2019 by Lena Clifford, DVM, PhD, EOB, MIVCA

Horses are instinctively ‘stoic’, they do their best to mask all signs of pain in an effort to keep-up and blend-in with the rest of their herd. By the time your horse shows clear signs of lameness or injury, it is likely a lot of damage has already been done. Although they may not scream it loud and clear, horses do display subtle signs they are in pain and/or discomfort.


Horses' single toe evolved for endurance rather than speed

May 2019 by Horses and People

The ancestors of horses (including asses and zebras) had three toes on each foot. Because only single-toed (monodactyl) forms survive today, this anatomy has been perceived as a superior evolutionary outcome, enabling horses to outrun predators.

Protecting Queensland's Horses is Now Easier

May 2019 by Biosecurity Queensland

Many horse owners are developing action plans to keep them and their horses safe during natural disasters like bushfires and floods. But these are not the only dangers from which owners need to protect their horses. Emergency animal diseases like equine influenza and Kunjin virus  can spread far and fast with devastating effects.

Horse-rider weight ratio study: Results are in

May 2019 by Horses and People

The results of a pilot study on the effects of rider weight on equine performance have been published in the world’s leading journal of equine veterinary education, Equine Veterinary Education (EVE). It not only highlights the need to match horses appropriately in size, weight and fitness for the rider's weight, but that saddle fit is a crucial factor.

The success of Winx shows the value of symmetry in race horses

May 2019 by Paul McGreevy, University of Sydney and David Evans, Charles Sturt University

As Australia farewells the beloved racehorse Winx in her final race, it’s interesting to look at the factors that contributed to her incredible success. This magnificent mare’s extraordinary career reflects her impeccable genetics, rearing, training, strategic rest periods, and race riding. Optimal heart, lung and muscle function also play a part.

Together we can stamp out strangles: UK charities and researchers unite

May 2019 by Stephanie Callen, Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Eradicating the United Kingdom's most prevalent infectious equine disease could become a reality if more people were inspired to take action, was the message of an industry symposium which brought together leaders from across the equine community to discuss the better prevention and management of strangles.

Is your horse at risk of colic? Find out now with this handy online tool!

May 2019 by University of Guelph

Spring and Autumn are seasons of change. Unfortunately, horses aren’t great with change. Changes to a horse’s routine and diet can increase the risk of colic and are often overlooked as a potential cause. And, did you know that 80% of colic cases can be prevented with proper management strategies? Do your part to prevent colic by learning more and assessing your horse's risk.

California's horseracing welfare reform: The details

May 2019 by Cristina Wilkins with material supplied by The Stronach Group

Racing resumed at Santa Anita Park last Friday, March 29, under rules which modernise the sport of horse racing and provide the strongest medication regulations in the United States.

Complete support within racing for Santa Anita Park reforms

May 2019 by Courtesy of The Stronach Group

The Stronach Group has received complete support for the welfare and safety reforms from a large number of horseracing governing bodies, including the Breeders' Cup, the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) and other industry leaders. Statement from Louis Romanet, chairman of the International Federation ofHorseracing Authorities (IFHA).

Belinda Stronach, on return to racing at Santa Anita: All eyes are going to be on us.

May 2019 by Los Angeles Times, re-used with permission of The Stronach Group

Belinda Stronach never wanted to test her crisis management skills in as painful a scene as occurred this winter at Santa Anita. As chief executive officer of the Stronach Group, which owns the track, the former member of the Canadian parliament was most interested in taking a legacy sport and bringing it into the modern era.

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