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For the Love of Sarah

August 2018 by Sally Harding

This story is very personal to me. I did not know teenager Sarah Waugh who fell from a bolting horse and died at Dubbo TAFE in 2009, but I know - and deeply admire - her parents, Juliana and Mark Waugh. Our lives entwined through ‘happenstance’, when I reached out to them after becoming a pariah in my horse community for being passionate about improving safety.

Earth Care, People Care, Horse Care by Design: Part 1

August 2018 by Dr Mariette van den Berg

Throughout the past 30 issues of Horses and People Magazine, Dr Mariette van den Berg has been integrating permaculture principles with other sustainable farming practices as they relate to horse property design, layout and pasture management. In this article, we recap on the basic permaculture principles while we link back to the relevant information and many ways they can be applied to an equine setting to benefit horses, people and the land.

Monitoring Pregnancy and Complications

August 2018 by Simon Robinson and Elizabeth Woolsley-Herbert

While most pregnancies will go to term and most mares will deliver a normal healthy foal, it is important to monitor the pregnancy throughout. In this article, Drs Simon Robinson and Elizabeth Woolsley-Herbert team up to provide some practical tips for care and management of broodmares and explain the complications that, although rare, can sometimes occur. The Essentials Checklist

Technology Hacks for Hacking Out with Your Horse: Part 2

August 2018 by David Stang

Our horse world intersects another one, full of Amazon, Ebay, television and new-fangled things. In general, the new-fangled has hardly encountered our horse but, in this article, I have chosen some products that have qualities of ‘high technology’, and should bring some new benefit to horses and their riders. I have intermixed some tested ideas with some that I haven’t tested in this new two-part series.

Starting Romeo - Part 6 - Long-reining

August 2018 by Kate Fenner

In this exclusive training series, Kate Fenner from Kandoo Equine is taking  us deep into the essential foundation lessons for any horse. In the last five months of articles on this series, Romeo has learned basic handling (including haltering, grooming, picking up feet abd tying up), ‘give to the bit’ (at a standstill and at the walk in-hand). He has learned shoulder control in hand and has been habituated to the girth and saddle cloth.


Fibregenix: First Aussie-made Balancer Range Set to Change the Future of Equine Nutrition

August 2018 by Fibregenix

Drawing on years of experience of leading nutritionists and scientists, the new Australian-made Fibregenix Feed Balancers are the ultimate, all–in-one, nutrient-rich supplement products formulated to balance the rations of horses and ponies, and bridge nutritional gaps.  The three balancers are 100% free from whole cereals and molasses and tailored to cater for different metabolic and g

A Lifelong Bond

August 2018 by Cristina Wilkins, Editor

On our August 2018 issue cover is a gorgeous photo by Louise Sedgman of Jess Rae and her 4-year-old Thoroughbred- warmblood cross mare London.

Grass Farmers: Managing Horse Properties in Drought

August 2018 by Jane and Stuart Myers

During drought, fibre, essential for horses, becomes very expensive and difficult to obtain. All you can do in very dry conditions is damage control. Any improvements to your land need to take place during the good times to ensure your land is better able to handle the drought and will make a better recovery when the drought breaks. When it’s dry...

Drought Feeding

August 2018 by Larissa Bilston, BAgrSc (Hons)

The most difficult and important factor in feeding horses during drought is providing all the roughage they need to maintain a healthy gut. What is roughage? The first rule of good horse nutrition is to feed plenty of roughage because the horse’s gut evolved to continuously ingest and digest the fibre contained in roughage.

Feeding the Broodmare and Nursing Foal brought to you by HyGain Feeds

August 2018 by Tania Cubbitt, PhD

Mare owners spend thousands of dollars on stud fees and shell out hundreds of dollars in veterinary care to prepare their mares for breeding and foaling. Mares are expected to produce enough milk for a foal for up to six months. Many mares are expected to raise healthy foals year after year, requiring successful rebreeding while the previous year’s foal is still by her side.

Respiratory Conditions Part 2: Infections

August 2018 by Katelyn McNicol, BVSc (Hons)

Every day, your horse’s respiratory tract is challenged by pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and fungal elements. In the majority of cases, your horse’s immune system and defence mechanisms easily overcome these small challenges without any external symptoms.

Horse Facility (re)Design Part 10: The Way Forward

August 2018 by Leonie Lee and Anthony Worm

In this final instalment of the ten-part series on Horse Facility (re)Design, we revisit the topics that highlight the universal equine requirements and core design principles for truly responsive equine facility design.

And... Breathe!

August 2018 by Tanja Mitton

Breathing is one of the most natural things to do and yet the hardest thing to remember whilst we are riding. Here are a few tips on how to remember to breathe and how your breath effects your horse. First of all we have to differentiate between the breath that lowers energy and the breath that raises energy. Lets start with the ‘Friday afternoon’ breath.

Crab Apple Bach Flower Essence

August 2018 by Hetty Tapper

Name: Crab Apple Bach Flower Essence Biological Name: Malus pumila   Description: This essence is for despondency, self-loathing and despair. It is for those feelings of mental and emotional impurity; it is known to assist with obsessive compulsive behaviours; and it brings a sense of inner purity and stabilises emotional strain. 

Green Pony Blog: On the Trail

August 2018 by Jill Griffiths

Sunday afternoon trail riding. Me on old Floss; my teenage daughter Lauren on young, green Dante, which is becoming the way we go.

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