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Sleep deprivation a risk to mental and physical health

March 2019 by The International Society for Equitation Science

Sleep is essential for life. The quality and quantity of a horse’s sleep directly affects their health and well-being. However, sleep is rarely considered as part of a horse’s management plan. A new study has found that poor management or physical problems can discourage horses from lying down and this leads to horses becoming sleep deprived and at risk of serious injury.

Learn to Recognise the Subtle Signs of Pain

February 2019 by Lena Clifford, DVM, PhD, EOB, MIVCA

Horses are instinctively ‘stoic’, they do their best to mask all signs of pain in an effort to keep-up and blend-in with the rest of their herd. By the time your horse shows clear signs of lameness or injury, it is likely a lot of damage has already been done. Although they may not scream it loud and clear, horses do display subtle signs they are in pain and/or discomfort.

Exercising Horses Safely in Summer

February 2019 by Dr David Marlin

With another hot Summer ahead in the Southern Hemisphere and last year’s record temperatures, it’s important to make sure you’re up to date on the latest, evidence-based advice on prevention of dehydration, heat stress and heat exhaustion.

Get 2019 off to a Great Start with SMART Goal Setting

February 2019 by Kate Fenner

It’s that time of year again when we set goals and make resolutions. It’s an exciting time and setting goals can be invigorating. However, more often than not, such resolutions only last a few short weeks or a handful of days. In this article, we’ll discuss your goals and provide ways in which you can, not only achieve your goals, but have fun doing it!  

Let's Target Your Horse's Core Strength!

February 2019 by Hayley Chambers-Holt, NHAA Level 2 Horse Archery Coach EA NCAS Introductory General Coach Dip. App. Sci. Equine Studies RDA Level 1 Coach

In terms of developing your horse’s core strength, you may have heard about ‘carrot stretches’ or ‘pilates for horses’ where the horse is enticed to bend or stretch with the help of a carrot.


Worth Their Weight in Gold

February 2019 by Cristina Wilkins. Photo by Louise Sedgman

On our cover this issue, professional equine portrait photographer and mum, Louise Sedgman has captured a moment of family fun as her daughters Grace and Emma play under the sprinklers with their ‘worth-their-weight-in-gold’ ponies Petal and Midnight on a hot summer’s evening.   

Equitation Scientists Challenge 'Misinformation' on Welfare Research

February 2019 by Cristina Wilkins

In an open letter, the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) asked World Horse Welfare (WHW) to publicly rectify “a number of incorrect claims and insinuations” made by Olympian and WHW trustee Richard Davison regarding noseband research at their recent conference. Roly Owers, MRCVS, WHW chief executive responded and praised Richard Davison for sharing his personal o

Legends of the Bush

February 2019 by Dr Georgina Downey

The horse in Australia has played a central role in the formation of our national identity. The distinctive Australian values of mateship, toughness, anti-authoritarianism, and concern for the ‘battler’ were carved out in the presence of horses.

Riding Arenas and Training Yards

February 2019 by Jane and Stuart Myers

An all-weather surfaced area for training and exercising horses can be very useful, many would say essential on a horse property. It all depends on what you do with your horses. Here are some considerations and tips to help you decide and plan a suitable arena or training yard for your situation.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Fence

February 2019 by Dr Mariette van den Berg

From a practical and safety point of view, boundary and internal fencing are the most obvious structures that require attention when laying out your property to meet the needs of your horses (and potentially other animals).  

Joint Disease

February 2019 by Dr James Meyer

Lameness is one of the top three areas of equine veterinary medicine, along with colic and reproduction. Joint disease is the most common cause of lameness and results from pain during movement.

How Much Salt? Brought to you by Hygain

February 2019 by Claire Thunes, PhD, Hygain

Providing your horse with adequate salt each day can go a long way in maintaining hydration which not only safe guards health but supports optimal performance as well. But, how much is enough and, are there risks in giving too much salt?

Feed Balancers: Much More Than Simple Nutrition

February 2019 by Cristina Wilkins with Anita Budgeon

Very well-established in countries like the United Kingdom, where forage-based diets have been the traditional norm, feed balancers are becoming very popular in Australia as more and more horse owners get in step with the fibre-feeding mantra and move towards healthier, low-starch forage-rich diets for their horses and ponies.

The Power of Change

February 2019 by Tanja Mitton

Human beings are creatures of habit. Rather than looking for change, we generally prefer things to stay the same. However, change is an important part of growing and, therefore, necessary.  If you keep doing the same things you will get the same outcomes. If you keep training in the same way you easily get stuck in the same problems. Change is essential to keep things fresh and clear.


February 2019 by Hetty Tapper

Name: Skullcap Biological Name: Scutellaria laterifolia Parts Used: Aerial parts (leaves and stem).  

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