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The Ultimate Guide to Worming Your Horse

November 2018 by Jude Matusiewicz

This article contains the 6 simple steps you can take to get your worming program to a great start. Spring has sprung and there’s no better time to kick-start Evidence Based Worming on your horse properties. Most horse managers are, by now, very familiar with the narrative that small Strongyles – Cyathostomins - are becoming resistant to all of our current chemical anthelmintics.

Stallion Fertility Evaluations

November 2018 by Dr Rachel O'Higgins

Breeding horses will often involve the use of artificial insemination (AI) with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen. Regardless, whether you are breeding your mare using AI or live cover, the goal is to get a viable sperm to fertilise a mature, healthy oocyte (or egg). Before the start of the breeding season or as part of a pre-purchase exam, stallions should be evaluated for fertility and breeding soundness.

Your Spooky Horse Explained

November 2018 by Dr David Fairclough

Improving your understanding of the inbuilt instinct for survival in the horse - how it is triggered and what it looks like - will improve your training methods, reduce the instances of injury to both, you and other people around the fearful horse and the horse himself. A question of survival 

6 Ways to Improve Your Horse's Natural Disaster Resilience

November 2018 by Dr Kirrilly Thompson

In this article, you will find six basic principles you can incorporate into your daily interactions with your horses to help you prepare for extraordinary events and improve your horse’s natural disaster survival and resilience. Since 2010, Dr Kirrilly Thompson has been researching the ways in which animals and animal ownership impact human preparedness and responses to natural disasters. The research

A Grass Farmers Best Kept Secret: The Equicentral System

October 2018 by Jane and Stuart Myers

If you still think managing your horses and your land responsibly is difficult and expensive hard work, think again! All over the world, more and more horse owners are embracing the principles taught by Jane and Stuart Myers through their Equiculture Responsible Horse Owners Resource, successfully implementing them in their own properties and situations.


Want to see horse sports thrive? Give YOUR opinion!

November 2018 by Cristina Wilkins

Whether you are a trainer, jockey, breeder, coach, recreational rider or elite competitor; make your opinion count when it comes to the equipment you use with horses and why you use it. Your contribution adds value and can contribute to a better future for horses and the horse sports you love!

Fix it with the best: Equine nutrition now has Fibregenix!

November 2018 by Fibregenix

A first for Australian equine nutrition, a new range of Australian-made feed balancers to help you simplify your horse’s feeding regime, reducing the financial burden whilst providing exceptional health benefits. Fibregenix balancers will tick all the boxes not just for the horse owner but for the retailer as well.

Rugging Traditions

November 2018 by Dr Georgina Downey

From bearskin saddle blankets to hoods resembling knight’s caparisons to magnetic ‘therapeutic rugs’, we’ve come a long way in the history of horse-rugging and, since we are now looking forward to finally casting off those winter turnout rugs with sighs of relief, this is a timely moment to consider the rugged horse in the history of art.

Icelandics in Australia: Big in Spirit

November 2018 by Anne Crawford

When Birgit Kossmann saw an article in a German horse magazine about an Icelandic Horse stud in early 2011, she was surprised to read that the stud was in Australia. Birgit, who had ridden Icelandic Horses in her hometown Nottuln since she was three years old, had never heard of Icelandic Horses being here. Surely the climate was too hot for them?

Grass Farming in the Snowy Mountains

November 2018 by Cristina Wilkins

All over the world, more and more horse owners are embracing the principles taught by Jane and Stuart Myers through their Equiculture Responsible Horse Owners Resource, successfully implementing them in their own properties and situations.

Safer Fencing: Quick Guide

November 2018 by Jane and Stuart Myers

Good safe fences are essential on a horse property. As well as helping to keep horses secured within its boundaries, fences protect certain areas and maintain boundaries between a property and neighbours or a property and public roads.

Fiber Fresh for Gastric Health

November 2018 by Dr Simone Hoskin, PhD (animal nutrition)

To keep your horse healthy on the inside you need to feed fibre, lots and lots of natural forage fibre. Forage is what horses are designed to live on – literally; to freely move around on large areas of grassland, grazing moist forage for 16-18 hours a day.

Feeding Stallions, brought to you by Hygain

November 2018 by Dr Tania Cubitt

The goal of any breeding program is to produce strong sound foals. To do this there are several factors involved including genetics, environment and nutrition. Nutrition is a critical piece of any successful breeding operation and must be considered at every level: stallions, mares and foals. In this article we will focus on feeding the stallion.

Heart Disease in Horses

November 2018 by Dr Katharyn Mitchell

From mild problems that are well tolerated and allow the horse to perform normally, to diseases causing poor performance or, in severe cases, resulting in collapse or even death, heart disease in horses is more common than people realise.

Starting Romeo - Part 8 - Mounting

November 2018 by Kate Fenner

In this exclusive training series, Kate Fenner from Kandoo Equine is taking  us deep into the essential foundation lessons for any horse. Whether your horse is un-started or already going under saddle, but you feel these are areas that need a little work, you’re in the right place.

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