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Diagnosing Skin Conditions

December 2018 by Dr Robin van den Boom

The skin is the largest organ of the body, It protects from the environment, helps maintain body temperature, allows sensory perception and plays a role in the immune system.

Laminitis Research: A New Age of Understanding

December 2018 by Sonja Vandermark

Laminitis... A condition that strikes fear into every horse owner. Long recognised as a cause of lameness, laminitis can have debilitating long-term effects on horses and ponies. It often becomes an insidious, chronic issue that requires careful management, including a constant evaluation of the diet and specialised hoof care.

Learn to Recognise the Early Signs of Laminitis

December 2018 by Maja Stocker

The changes to the hoof capsule that happen after full-on laminitic event are well-known and easier to recognise. Lameness, in some cases severe and the angle changes to the pedal bone that you see in X-rays and depicted in the images on the left, are clear signs of laminitis.  But did you miss the very first signs? Read the latest research review on laminitis here.

Effect of Soaking Hay on Nutrient Content and Hygiene Quality

December 2018 by Karen Richardson

Soaking hay in water to reduce the sugar content of hay is very common and, for many people with horses diagnosed with laminitis, insulin resistance, polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM) or obesity, it's become a routine part of their daily horse-keeping duties. But, have you considered what the effects of soaking are on the hay’s nutrient profile and hygiene quality?

Starting Romeo - Part 9 - Mounting and Turning Out

December 2018 by Kate Fenner

In this, the last part of this exclusive training series, Kate Fenner from Kandoo Equine has taken Romeo through the essential foundation lessons that work for any horse. Whether you have a horse that hasn’t been started yet or your horse has been under saddle for years, there will be areas of the foundation training that may need a little work. You can recap on all the articles on the Horses and People website and watch video of each lesson at the Kandoo Equine website. 


Holding on to your Sweetheart

December 2018 by Cristina Wilkins

On our November 2018 issue cover, a photo by Louise Sedgman of Angie Johnson and her Quarter Horse and sweetheart ‘RL Double Hunch’ (a.k.a. Hunch), a 17-year-old gelding who is a double cross to the stallion Hunch Bid.

The Riding House

December 2018 by Dr Georgina Downey

This month we explore the history of the indoor arena or ‘riding house’ to use its original name. Some might consider that indoor arenas are not necessary in Australia because of our climate, but this would be to overlook the Northern hemisphere influences on equestrianism, including equine architecture.

Will You Watch The Cup?

December 2018 by Jill Griffiths

I loved the Melbourne Cup until I hated it, and then, later, became ambivalent. My ambivalence was hard-earned. As a child I found there was much to love about the cup. I was a horse-mad girl and for one day the rest of the nation got my passion. The whole country stopped to watch horses. The whole country talked about horses.

Too Much Grass? Not Enough? Here's How to Manage

December 2018 by Jane and Stuart Myers

If you graze horses in Australia you will be used to living that old saying... “it never rains but it pours”. While some areas are still experiencing the effects of a devastating drought, in past few weeks, rain has been falling heavily in more coastal regions, sparking the grass into life.

5 Property Improvements for all Budgets

December 2018 by Dr Mariette van den Berg

Here are five common changes that can be done at any stage on small and larger budgets to improve or redesign your existing horse property... When horses become part of your life and you are lucky enough to own one (or a few), the next best thing is to be able to manage them on you own place, preferably in your backyard!

Feeding for Coat Health

December 2018 by Hygain Feeds

Everyone wants to see their horses with a sleek, glowing coat and not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because the quality of a horse’s hair coat is directly related to his overall health. Providing the horse with plenty of roughage and a balanced diet along with an effective parasite control regime, sufficient exercise and grooming is imperative when striving for a healthy coat.

4-Step Guide to Safe Weight Gain

December 2018 by Larissa Bilston

Is your horse showing a bit more rib than you like to see? Is he or she losing the fat layer along the spine that is often referred to as topline? Have you tried everything, but your horse never seems to gain weight? In this article, nutritionist Larissa Bilston explains the first four steps to improving your horse’s condition in a safe and sustainable way. It’s about the calories

Internal vs External Validation

December 2018 by Tanja Mitton

Do you know when you are doing a good job or do you rely on others telling you that you are? In my experience, many riders don’t trust themselves and, therefore, keep looking and craving other people’s praise. This in itself is not a bad thing, it just becomes hard when you are in the wrong environment or the people around you have ideas that are different to the ones you have.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

December 2018 by Hetty Tapper

Name: Black Pepper Essential Oil Biological Name: Piper nigrum     Parts Used: Fresh woody black peppercorns. Essential Oil Method of Extraction: Steam distillation.    Essential Oil Scent: Camphorus, crisp, fresh peppercorn aroma, spicy and woody.

Cantering Confessions

November 2018 by Jill Griffiths

I have a confession. It’s been months since I cantered Dante. We had been going well and then came the setback at the start of the year: He got sore. I misread it. I pushed too far. His soreness got worse and with it his attitude. And with that, my confidence plummeted.

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