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Equicentral: Part 3

28/08/2017 by Jane and Stuart Myers,

The Equicentral System is Jane and Stuart Myers’ complete approach to property layout, and provides practical solutions for sustainable horse and land management on your property.  It is a system that works by utilising your horses’ natural cycles of grazing and loafing as an advantage, and is an opportunity to enhance the health and wellbeing of the horses themselves, and the land they live on, as well as the environment at large. 

Your Pasture Pharmacy Part 4: Nutritional Wisdom and Self-Selection

28/08/2017 by Dr Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc (Hons), MSc, PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr, Certified Permaculture Design Consultant,

In this exclusive series, Dr Mariette van den Berg has been uncovering the grazing life of horses - exploring how herbivores and plants have adapted their behaviour to not just co-exist, but benefit each other and thrive. 

Learning to Love the Spook: 10 Tips for Making a Friendly Ghost Out of Your Haunted Arena

28/08/2017 by Associate Professor Kirrilly Thompson, PhD (Social Sciences), CQUni Appleton Institute, South Australia

So, you’ve put time aside to ride, made the effort to get to your horse and have your training session planned perfectly in your mind. The sun is shining, there is no wind, you and your horse feel great. That is, until the arena Spook shows up, threatening to turn all your great expectations into bad vibrations.

Equipilates in Australia

28/08/2017 by Kylie Harris, EquipilatesTM Biomechanics Trainer, EA NCAS Level 1 Coach,

I am both an anxious rider and an anxious person. I don’t think I will ever not be anxious, but my ability to deal with it and funnel it elsewhere is definitely the key that has helped me to manage it... And continues to help me manage it... And continues to help me improve my riding.

Equicentral: Part 2

31/07/2017 by Jane and Stuart Myers, Equiculture,

In this article, Jane and Stuart Myers focus on the central holding yard and, particularly, on the importance of installing a good surface.


The Annual Round Up of the Marsh Mares

25/09/2017 by Associate Professor Kirrilly Thompson, PhD (Social Sciences), CQUni Appleton Institute, South Australia

The Doñana National Park in Huelva province in southern Spain is one of Europe’s most important wetland areas. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1994, it is a haven for fauna, such as the Imperial Eagle and the Pardel Lynx. 

Long-Reining: Part 1

25/09/2017 by Kate Fenner, BEqSc (Hons),

If you ever thought there must be a better and easier way to train your horse, this training series by Kate Fenner is designed for you! 

Goal Setting Made Easy

25/09/2017 by Tanja Mitton,

Setting goals is essential in order to achieve success.  Goal setting is like creating a road map that serves as a guide to follow the path that sets us up to achieving what we are aiming for. Too often, we set goals, but never end up achieving them. 


25/09/2017 by David Stang, PhD,

For a long time, it didn’t occur to me that horses had friends. 

In Pursuit of Perfection

28/08/2017 by Alex Mullarky

“I challenge you to do a painting a day.” Yvette Frahn had been working part-time as an equine artist for some time when her friend set the challenge to her - to create one new work a day.  Yvette was momentarily at a loss - where would she get the inspiration to create such a long stream of new pieces? 

Low Sugar, Low Starch Diets for the High Performance Horse

28/08/2017 by Gail Sramek, BAppSc Agr, Nutritionist to Mitavite,

High performance diets have historically been based on a cereal grain ration fed with roughage.  The high level of sugar and starches in the grains provide energy for the horse to perform, but it can come with complications.  

Biosecurity for Horse Owners

28/08/2017 by Dr Brett Tennent-Brown, BVSc, MS, Dip ACVIM, Dip ACVECC, U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre, University of Melbourne

Why is a biosecurity plan important for your property? Until 2007, Australia was one of a handful of countries that had never experienced an outbreak of Equine Influenza (EI), a highly contagious viral disease of the respiratory tract. 

Tying Up in Horses

28/08/2017 by Tania Cubitt, PhD, Hygain Feeds,

Exertional Rhabdomyolysis, Tying Up, Azoturia, Monday Morning Sickness and Poly Saccharide Storage Myopathy are all names of common muscle metabolism problems.  The scientific name for tying up is rhabdomyolysis, which simply translated means muscle (‘rhabdo’) breakdown (‘lysis’). The causes are several, but the result is the same - muscle cramping. 

Breeding for the Better

28/08/2017 by Jane Myers, MSc, With Jeanette Gower,

Breeding a foal is a decision that requires careful planning and should never be taken lightly. The first question to seriously consider is: Why do you want to breed a foal? 

Putting the Chill on Back Pain with Equi-Ice

28/08/2017 by Equi-Ice,

Your horse’s back is a highly developed structure that provides both range of motion and stability for your horse to excel in athletic performance and perform all functional movements. It is crucial the integrity of your horse’s back remains healthy and pain-free at all times.

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