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All About Soil: Part 3

April 2018 by Dr Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc (Hons), PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr, Certified Equine Permaculture Design Consultant

In this Equine Permaculture series, we ‘dig deeper into soils’ and, to date, we have explored what soils are, how soil is formed, the different types of soil and how they sustain life through the soil-food-web. If you missed any of those articles, head over to the Horses and People website to read them. 

In the following parts, we focus on the importance of soil tests - in the lab and DIY - interpreting these soil test results, and, finally, in our last part, we will explain how these tests can help your property’s soil and pasture management. 

In Parts 1 and 2, we learned soils are complex mixtures of minerals, water, air, organic matter, and numerous micro and macro-organisms that are the decaying remains of once-living things.