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Are You Motivated?

June 2018 by Tanja Mitton,
A riding coach and NLP master coach and mindset coach with over 25 years of coaching and competition experience, Tanja Mitton conducts clinics throughout Australia and recently published 'It Takes Two To Tango' to help people unlock their own and their horse's potential.

How do you get motivated? Have you ever thought about it?

Some people get motivated when they have support and are encouraged, others are motivated when they want to prove to others that they can accomplish a certain task. 

We are all different and that’s why it is important for you to know yourself.

Two of the main motivators are, ‘towards pleasure’ and ‘away from fear’. Let’s have a closer look at each of them and what they mean.

1) ‘Towards Pleasure’ means the person is motivated by praise. They are looking for a ‘feel good’ experience. These riders are thriving on compliments, encouragement and reinforcement they do a great job.