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An Australian Treasure Trove

May 2018 by Cristina Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Horses and People Magazine
Cristina is the Editor, owner and publisher of Horses and People Magazine.

In a plain suburban house lies, mostly undiscovered, a treasure trove of magnificent and beautifully crafted horse drawn carriages that tell the story of earlier times when these fascinating vehicles, in their many different varieties of design and type, were an essential part of daily life. 

Minute in scale, the ornate and elaborate models represent a detailed history of Australia’s heritage, as well as preserving the long-lost tradition of carriage building. From a Furniture Pantechnicon Van, a butcher’s light order cart that would be used to home-deliver produce, to the delicate and ornate Sydney Brass Sulky, Graham Green’s expanding collection is outstanding in detail and workmanship.