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March 2018 by Anonymous (not verified)

Horses and People Magazine, an independently owned and produced Australian magazine, focuses on providing its readers with ethical, evidence-based information about the health, care and training of horses and the environment in which they live, as well as inspiring stories celebrating our equestrian culture.

Horses and People has been operating for nearly 30 years and has grown to be one of Australia's most trusted publications. Together with our team of expert contributors who share their practical knowledge, perspectives and research findings, we provide horse owners with over 100 pages of top quality information each month, whatever their discipline.

Options and benefits

  • Horses and People Magazine's recommended retail price is $8.95.
  • Your invoice and profit margin will vary depending on number of magazines per month, and the payment plan you choose (see graphic below). For some, paying upfront for the year’s supply is their preferred option, whereas others would rather pay-by-the-month and have greater flexibility - you choose! 
  • All prices include delivery and GST.

With margins ranging from 39% to 142% all our plans are profitable options for you to stock Horses and People Magazine for your customers.

What next?

  • Select the number of magazines you want to stock each month as shown in the graphic below.
  • Select the payment plan - fixed for a once-a-year payment or Flexi to pay-by-the-month.
  • Let us know by return email and we’ll set up the rest. 

We are sure we have a plan that suits you and we know your customers will love the magazine! We look forward to hearing from you soon.