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Beyond Genetics: The Importance of Foetal Nutrition

July 2018 by Dr John Chopin, BVSc, MANZCVS (Equine Medicine), PhD, FANZCVS, Registered Specialist in Equine Reproduction, WestVETS Animal Hospitals & Equine Reproduction Centre,

When horses are bred to be ‘genetic superstars’, but fail to live up to their owners’ and trainers’ expectations, the questions that often arise are:  

  • Did I choose the best bloodlines?
  • Am I feeding my equine athlete all the recommended feeds and micro nutrients they require? 
  • Have I got the best trainer, farrier, vet? 
  • Do I need to have my horse regularly massaged or acupunctured? 

The reality, however, is that it might be too late for your equine superstar...