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Blue Chip Equine Feed Balancers

April 2017 by Blue Chip Feeds,

What are equine feed balancers? 

A blend of highly bioavailable essential nutrients provided as multi-supplements in just one nutrient-dense product, and containing no whole cereals or molasses. 

Focusing on providing nutrients to support metabolic functions, and long-term overall health and wellbeing.

Rather than a ‘one product suits all’ scenario, our feed balancers are tailored to suit different categories of equines, including overweight, underweight, performance and senior horses.

What makes our equine feed balancers superior?

Our products are a unique blend of top-quality concentrated nutrients with many benefits, including:

  • Reduced portion sizes (healthier for the equine digestive system as not overloading with one large meal).
  • More convenient for the horse owner as there is no need for multiple supplements - saving both time and money.
  • Removes the guess work when it comes to providing a balanced diet.
  • Peace of mind from knowing your equines’ nutritional requirements are being fulfilled. 

Our range of equine feed balancers contain nucleotides to promote improved condition in your horse. 

  • Nucleotides will improve the length and surface area of intestinal villi, promoting maximum absorption, particularly when combined with high levels of the equine approved probiotic.
  • For mares, foals and young stock, nucleotides will help prevent the normal ‘dip’ of antibody levels in lactating mares, supporting the continual health in mare and foal. 
  • Nucleotides will assist in preventing digestive upset during weaning and general gastrointestinal upsets. Many nucleotides are needed for the development of the foal’s digestive tract as no dead cells are available for ‘recycling’. 
  • For broodmares, nucleotides will also aid placenta development and milk production during pregnancy.
  • In addition, for the low-level competition or show horse, nucleotides will help to prevent infections and diseases which arise from attending horse shows. Nucleotides will aid the immune system, supporting a fast recovery, while promoting excellent condition and overall health.