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Christmas Gift Guide

May 2015 by Horses and People Magazine

Hoofball, $185.00, Let your horse enjoy time at play with the hoofball from Oz Horse Toys. Available in a variety of colours, the hoofball is fun for all horses and their owners.

Armpocket Smart Phone Holder, $34.95, Available in a wide range of colours, this durable armpocket is ideal for storing your phone, money and valuables while out on trail or off your property.

Crystal Mane Rings , $49.95, This set of 20 elastic mane rings from Germany will add that extra bit of glamour next time you and your horse are in the show ring!

Smart Rider Break Away Stirrups, $98.30, Ensure your children ride safe this Summer with break away stirrups from Smart Rider. Available in range of colours, these stirrups are ideal for safe riding every day.

Horses in Australia, $49.99, Enjoy reading about the history of horses in Australia this Summer with this beautiful illustrated book by Nicholas Brasch. The perfect gift for the equestrian lover.

Rosie Roo Women’s Wellies, From $30.00, Hand manufactured in 100% natural rubber uppers and soles, with cotton lining and foam inners for comfort, these wellies are completely waterproof. Sizes 5-10.

Equi.Linn Underwear, From $29.95, A range of comfortable, lightweight underwear for men and women, including bras ($79.95), ladies briefs ($29.95) and male boxer shorts ($44.95).

Pony Midi Horse Grooming Brushes, $20.00, These fun and colourful brushes are designed with little hands in mind. These pure horse hair brushes are colour dyed with pure bristle cute pony motif.

2015 Riders Diary, $14.95, A small investment for your horse’s health year-round, the 2015 Riders Diary is a pocket diary to record your horse’s health checks, vaccinations and other important dates.

Gutz Busta Slow Feeding Haynets, From $19.95, Available in three sizes for the float, stall and paddock, these slow feeding haynets will ensure your horse has access to roughage and eats at a slower pace.

Horseshoe Nail Art Figurine, $24.00, Check out The Horse Stall this festive season for a unique range of Christmas gift ideas like this artistic equestrian figurine... Gorgeous gifts for the equestrian home.

Jappeloup DVD, $29.95, Based on the inspirational true story of a horse that was deemed too small to become a champion, Jappeloup will become a family favourite this Christmas.

Massage Grooming Glove, $9.95, Spoil your horse this Christmas with a pampering massage grooming glove! Your horse will enjoy every bath this Summer and love you for all the massages!

The Pony that Did Not Die Book, $80.00, A comprehensive step-by-step action plan to combat laminitic episodes is included and supported by actual case studies that show how to solve them. www.

Bayberry and Roses Ornament, $29.95, This miniature holiday horse stirrup ornament, featuring the year printed along the bottom, is the perfect equestrian keep sake this Christmas. www. 

Custom Portraits, From $100.00, Give a gift that lasts forever... Why not give a gift certificate for one of Penny Edwardes portraits for Christmas? A portrait of your loved ones will last a lifetime. SunSleeves 

EPONA Sunsleeves, $25.00 , Providing 100% protection against UV rays, these breathable shirts are ideal for riding in Summer. Featuring high-tec fabric, you will remain cool even on the hottest days.

Child’s Rhinestone Leather Belt, $36.00, Do you have a stylish young rider in the family? This is the perfect fashionable gift to add to their riding and showing wardrobe this Christmas!

Grandprix Saddle, Helmet and Bridle Bag, $66.00, Travel to competitions in style this season with a saddle, helmet and bridle bag from Grandprix Rugs. These soft and durable bags will ensure your tack is clean and safe.

Fear Free Horse Training, $49.90, Written by Neil Davies, this horse training book is built on removing fear and stress during the horse’s working encounter with people throughout their lives.

Tubtrugs Tidee Range, $34.95, Tough, durable plastic and anodized steel handles make the Tubtrugs Tidee easy to clean, as well as being frost and fade resistant. Ideal for easy cleaning up!

Eurohunter Transport Boots, $89.95600 denier outer with high density foam and cotton lining for extreme comfort. Contoured for a great fit and multiple wide tabs. Set of 4 in own carry bag.

Wash Bag, From $6.95, Handy wash bag for horse boots. Made with netting material, this handy bag has two divided pockets for your convenience. Available in 1 size.

Rat Barrow, $4,400.00, An all-Australian product, the Rat Barrow is designed to improve material handling around the home or farm with the ability to lift 200kgs and increased maneuverability.

Photonic Torch, $410.00, Discover the benefits of photonic light therapy for your horse this Christmas! The photonic torch is a gift with a difference. Free postage until 25th December 2014.

HFV Full Biothane Tack Set, $227.00, Available in a range of colours, give your horse the best in comfort and style with the biothane tack set from HFV Horse Products. Saddle not included.

Bespoke Gear Bag, $85.00, Make your mark in a bespoke bag from Nhay Gear! Made from durable heavy duty canvas and PVC canvas, your bag is custom made to order. Includes free shipping.

Porta-Grazer, From $295.00, A slow hay feeding system for confined horses. No more waste hay! Prevents colicand ulcers, and simulates natural grazing in a head-down position.

Spur Bracelet, $89.00, These modern bracelets are the perfect accessory year round. Made from stainless, steel and available in a range of styles and sizes, they are suitable for men and women.