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Colic: Part 2

October 2016 by Dy Kylie Schaaf, BVSc (Hons), BSc (Hons), FANZCVS (Equine Surgery), WestVETS Animal Hospital & Reproduction Centre

“I think my horse has colic...” These are the words many horse owners worry about. Colic means pain in the abdomen, but it is a clinical sign, rather than a diagnosis. From impaction colic or sand colic to twisted bowel, gas build up or parasite infestation, colic is the number one killer of horses worldwide.

In this two-part series, Dr Kylie Schaaf from WestVETS Animal Hospital & Equine Reproduction Centre outlines the essential information that every horse owner should know about this potentially fatal condition. 

When a horse with colic is not responding to routine initial treatment, the quicker the decision for surgery the better the chance to avoid complications and make a full recovery.