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Crab Apple Bach Flower Essence

August 2018 by Hetty Tapper
Hetty Tapper is a clinical herbalist with training in aromatherapy, homeopathy, energy healing, tissue salts, bodywork, massage, communication, meridian and charka work, and much more. She enjoys healing horses and has helped many horses that were abused, sick or just misunderstood. Hetty has written two books - ‘Equine Lore’ and ‘Healthy Horses Holistically and Herbal Horse Health’ - to show how we can all learn to help and heal our horses naturally. 

Name: Crab Apple Bach Flower Essence

Biological Name: Malus pumila  

Description: This essence is for despondency, self-loathing and despair. It is for those feelings of mental and emotional impurity; it is known to assist with obsessive compulsive behaviours; and it brings a sense of inner purity and stabilises emotional strain. 

This remedy teaches acceptance of the body and the environment, and is also used as a physical cleanser. It can help to cleanse mannerisms and is good for breaking bad habits. 

Crab apple encourages appreciation of positive attributes, rather than becoming obsessed with the negative ones; it resolves inner disharmony; it heals a sense of shame or humiliation and self-hatred, and for those with a tendency to hold grudges. This essence is for those who feel dirty or unclean, and are disgusted with some part of themselves. Crab apple brings hidden things to light to help clean the slate for a fresh start. It brings a sense of inner purity. 

Positive Qualities: Cleansing, inner purity, spiritual evolution.

Patterns of Imbalance: Feeling unclean or impure, physical obsessiveness, low self-esteem, oversensitive about self, self-disgust, small things can get out of proportion.

Shown to Have Benefitted:

  • Fussy horses that are obsessive, including those that have developed stereotypical behaviours (vices), like wind sucking, crib biting or weaving;
  • Detoxification and cleansing processes in the body. For example, after a viral or bacterial infection, or after illness or surgery;
  • Toxic states where the body exudes a discharge or odour;
  • Horses that have been poisoned by a toxic substance or contaminated food. This essence assists in avoiding the damaging effects of the poisoning from chemicals or drugs, and contaminated food or water poisoning;
  • Horses that seem reluctant to eat, and have skin or digestive problems;
  • Cleansing of wounds, rashes, cuts and abrasions, and infections;
  • Horses that get depressed when they are losing physical condition or have a skin condition;
  • PMS symptoms;
  • Any form of internal or external infections;
  • Horses that have been under extreme pressure and appear toxic;
  • Horses that have a poor self-image (shame). For example, the depressed horse with low head carriage; the cowering horse; the clipped horse; the abused horse; and the neglected horse;
  • Cleansing action on the subtle bodies and painful memories;
  • Contaminated foods - you can wash foods with crab apple to cleanse them.

Herbal supplements should not replace good management and this article is not intended as veterinary advice. We encourage you to make healthcare decisions for your horse based upon research and in partnership with a qualified equine veterinarian.