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Diagnostic Imaging Breakthroughs in Fracture Management

January 2019 by Horses and People

The Equine Veterinary Journal has published an open access collection of articles to highlight diagnostic imaging breakthroughs in equine fracture management. 

With fractures being a common occurrence in horses of all ages and breeds, the development of various imaging modalities over the past ten years is helping significantly to advance management techniques.
The Equine Veterinary Journal’s (EVJ) new online collection, with an introduction from imaging expert Renate Weller, new President of the British Equine Veterinary Association, showcases the diagnostic imaging breakthroughs that are helping to identify causes, support prevention and improve fracture outcomes.
“The advancement of imaging modalities over the past ten years has significantly improved the management of equine fractures,” said Celia Marr, editor of the EVJ. The articles included in this fascinating collection not only highlight the current scope of diagnostic imaging for a range of equine musculoskletal conditions but also clearly indicate its potential in continuing to improve clinical assessments, treatment and outcomes.”
The free collection of peer reviewed articles is available via this link.