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Do You Really Know What You Want?

March 2017 by Tanja Mitton,

So many people get overwhelmed and stuck in their present situation they can’t seem to find a way out and forward anymore. Getting stuck is something that develops in our mind and has nothing to do with the reality of life we live in. 

Getting stuck in our mind takes away the ability to make rational decisions and it makes it often impossible to look outside the box of possibilities. A common scenario that occurs often with riders is where a rider has an unsuitable horse and keeps persevering with it rather than making changes. 

Typically, a rider who is inexperienced ends up with a young horse because they couldn’t afford an older, educated horse. Or a nervous rider buys a horse from a professional rider only to find out the horse doesn’t stay the same when only ridden once per week instead of six times per week. 

Begin by asking yourself: “Is what I am currently doing really working for me?” Then, be honest and answer truthfully. 

If the answer is yes, then keep doing what you are doing to be getting the same outcomes. If the answer is no, then realise that doing the same thing you have done and expecting a different outcome is called ‘insanity’. 

Now that you have your answer, it is time to do something about it. 

If you have found that you need to make some changes, then begin by asking yourself what it is you would want if anything was possible? Starting with the end goal in mind helps you to get started.

Your first step is to write down the details of what your end goal looks like. Don’t get hung up on what you think is possible and what isn’t. 

If you are looking for a new horse, list all the important aspects of your new horse in as much detail as possible. If you need to sell your horse, write out a list that describes the perfect new owner.

List everything that is important to you and start to focus on what you want as if it has already happened. 

The key to resolving problems is to be proactive, do something about it and don’t just sit there focusing on the problem, instead of the solution. 

What you focus on develops more energy and it gets bigger. You will either make your problems bigger by focusing on them or create solutions by starting to put your focus on that. 

Vision boards are a great way to draw focus on the outcome of the goals you are working on right now. Make some time to create a collage of pictures that represent you with your new dream horse achieving all the goals you have set for yourself. Create pictures of your current horse finding a new owner who is a perfect match.

As soon as you can see the outcome and you are very clear on what it is you are working towards, you will become more aware of the opportunities that are around you. You notice the ad that pops up, you listen to the conversation of other people, you become more aware.

Remember, you attract what you focus on, so make sure your focus is in the right direction.

Happy riding everyone!