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Dreaming of Horses

December 2017 by Cristina Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Horses and People Magazine

On this issue’s cover, we feature a dreamy photo, by Olya Tutova of 42beats, of young Kay Sturzaker and her Quarter Horse mare, Chattahoochee - better known as Missy.

Kay and her uncle, Peter Goodall, bred and trained the now seven-year-old Missy. “I started working her when she was three, after a stint with trainer Roy Marchinton. The photo was taken while she was in foal to DC Cadillac Jack,” says Kay. “She had a filly foal who is now two and will also become a reiner, but I want her as an all-rounder, to do some trail.”

A keen reiner with a love for Quarter Horses and Western disciplines, Kay has now taken a ninety degree turn in her riding career and is completing an advanced stable hand course that covers stable-hand strapper and track work.