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Equine Behaviour: An Introduction

30/03/2017 by Dr Lesley A. Hawson, BSc, BVSc, PhD, Equine Dental Veterinarians Australia,

As most horse lovers know, our modern-day horses evolved from a five-toed forest-dwelling mammal that was about the size of small foxes. In the intervening 60 million years, the horse’s morphology has changed radically to better suit running fast over the savannahs and grasslands they now inhabit in the wild. 

Despite this, horses are still, in many ways, scared little critters scuttling through the undergrowth trying to avoid being eaten by something bigger. 

As an example, did you know horses appear to have excellent ‘recognition’ memories, which can be thought of as almost photographic memories, but perhaps not great ‘recall’ memories that human’s tend to use.