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Equine Castration

January 2016 by Dr Euan Laidlaw, BVMS, MRCVS, Cheviot Vets

Gelding; the fastest way to loose two stone that you, or indeed your colt, will never put back on! The list of jokes associated with this common procedure is long and varies from a ‘Dad-joke’ level to the utterly unprintable. 

This being said, castration of the male horse is a significant operation and fraught with potential complications. In this article, Dr Euan Laidlaw from Cheviot Vets in the United Kingdom, will explain a bit more about what to expect from the event, which may be more than you are already aware of, how you can prepare and, thus, minimise complications, and how to recognise them if and when they occur. 

Why put the fella through it?