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Fibregenix: First Aussie-made Balancer Range Set to Change the Future of Equine Nutrition

August 2018 by Fibregenix

Drawing on years of experience of leading nutritionists and scientists, the new Australian-made Fibregenix Feed Balancers are the ultimate, all–in-one, nutrient-rich supplement products formulated to balance the rations of horses and ponies, and bridge nutritional gaps. 

The three balancers are 100% free from whole cereals and molasses and tailored to cater for different metabolic and general health requirements for various categories of horses rather than adopting a ‘one balancer suits all’ approach.

Each balancer contains several specialised supplement packages combined with high quality digestible protein, fibre and oils. 

Packages include a top-specification broad-spectrum vitamin and chelated mineral pack, dedicated hoof supplement, an antioxidant pack, a sophisticated Digestibility Enhancer pack and a double-action Gut Health pack. The innovative digestive and gut health packs assist with all aspects of digestion and take care of the gut environment, and encourage a more natural way of feeding leading to a more relaxed horse.

The excellent specifications within these supplement packages allow horses to utilise far more nutrients from the forage and concentrate in their diet, so the amount of concentrate that needs to be fed can be reduced with many resulting benefits.

The beauty of using a Fibregenix balancer product is the flexibility it provides in customizing the nutritional management of individual horses without adding excessive calories or starch to the diet.

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