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Five Things I Learned From Having my Nails ‘Done’

July 2017 by Sarah Kuyken, PhD student, MAnSci, BAnSciMgt, Dip EPT,

Sarah Kuyken is a busy hoofcare professional, specialising in the latest horseshoe alternatives to metal. 

Sarah’s niche involves the use of glue-on shoes and shoes made of polyurethane and, in this article she shares the hoofcare lessons she learned from having her own nails ‘done’ by a technician - for the very first time.  

A good friend of mine was visiting some weeks ago, she’s mad in to acrylic nails and I decided it would be a fun, ‘girly’ thing to do for us to get an acrylic set of nails done together. 

Oh boy! How wrong I was...

When it comes to the nail department, I’m the equivalent of a wild mustang - my natural nails are amazing! Short, tough and functional.