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Fix it with the best: Equine nutrition now has Fibregenix!

November 2018 by Fibregenix

A first for Australian equine nutrition, a new range of Australian-made feed balancers to help you simplify your horse’s feeding regime, reducing the financial burden whilst providing exceptional health benefits.
Fibregenix balancers will tick all the boxes not just for the horse owner but for the retailer as well.

The equine market is awash with supplements which can make life very confusing for horse owners.

Through their diet consultation service, Fibregenix is constantly advising people who are over-supplementing their horses to quite toxic levels.

The Fibregenix balancer range will enable you to feed your horses with a simple, functional all-in-one solution, giving clarity and peace of mind that you are satisfying your horse’s essential nutrient needs in a more cost-effective way, whilst still providing them with a high-quality product.

Got a diet related problem? Fix it with the best - Fibregenix Feed Balancers!

Fibregenix provide cost effective solutions that will help get your horse back in the best shape of his life.
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