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Frankincense Essential Oil

March 2019 by Hetty Tapper
Hetty Tapper is a clinical herbalist with training in aromatherapy, homeopathy, energy healing, tissue salts, bodywork, massage, communication, meridian and charka work, and much more. She enjoys healing horses and has helped many horses that were abused, sick or just misunderstood. Hetty has written two books - ‘Equine Lore’ and ‘Healthy Horses Holistically and Herbal Horse Health’ - to show how we can all learn to help and heal our horses naturally. 

Name: Frankincense Essential Oil

Biological Name: Boswellia carteri    

Parts Used: Resin

Constituents: Borneol, cymene, farnesol, incensole, limonene, monoterpene, myrcene, octanol, octylacetate, pinene, phellandrene and thujone.

Essential Oil Method of Extraction: Steam distillation.

Essential Oil Scent: Balsamic, fresh, fruity, incense like, musty, rich, slightly spicy and woody.

Reported Actions: Antiinflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, grounds base chakra, promotes slow and deep breathing, carminative, cicatrisant, opens crown chakra, cytophylactic, eases digestion, diuretic, emmenagogue, lifts emotions, expectorant, dispels fear, balances gastric juices, gastric tonic, opens heart chakra, calms mind and body, soothes mucous membranes, preservative, purifying, restorative, sedative, heals damaged skin, skin toning, soothes stomach, soothing, whole body tonic (especially for the aging), uterine tonic, vulnerary, warming and clean wounds even old ones.

In essential oil form it may assist with: Allergies, asthma, bronchitis, burns, catarrh, colds, coughs, chronic diarrhoea, digestive ulcers, flu, lung complaints and all respiratory conditions, scars, wounds. 

Frankincense is reported beneficial in the treatment of breast cysts, dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, menstruation pain, PMS, genital and urinary infections and complaints. 

This oil has a tonic effect on uterus after birthing. It may also mitigate (lessen) the effects of cystitis, genital infections, nephritis and post-natal depression.

It has also been used a tonic for ageing horses and for horses who are dehydrated or have suffered dehydration, as well as, those that are recuperating from an operation or serious injury.

It is known to soothe anxiety, depression, fear, panic attacks, stress and tension related conditions.  Reports say that is has proved useful for brain damage from head injuries and for headaches. 

It has also been used for arthritic and rheumatic pain, bruising and any muscular pains and stiffness. This oil is the ‘Rescue Remedy’ of essential oils. Used to dispel fear, apprehension, grief and insecurity. It is good for those that are reluctant to go on the float and those that have panic attacks.  It is great for headstrong and bargy horses. This oil will also assist with poor concentration.


  • AVOID essential oil during pregnancy.
  • AVOID the essential oils topical use on hypertensive, diseased or damaged skin.

Note: Diuretics can deplete the horse’s potassium levels. If administering herbs with this action, it is a good idea to increase potassium levels in their diet (preferably not at the same time).

Herbal supplements should never replace good, evidence-based management and this article is not intended as veterinary advice. We encourage you to make healthcare decisions for your horse based upon research and in partnership with a qualified equine veterinarian and nutritionist.