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Functional Hoof Anatomy with Prof. Robert Bowker in Brisbane

February 2019 by Horses and People

Event title: Functional Anatomy of the Equine Foot in Health and Disease
Date: May 11th & 12th 2019, Brisbane, QLD
Lecturer: Professor Robert M Bowker
PhD, Neurobiology, University of Pennsylvania, 1979 VMD, Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1973 BS, Biology/Chemistry, Springfield College, 1969

Prof. Bowker is head of the Hoof Laboratory Research Team based at Michigan State University and a principle lecturer at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy. His studies are the cornerstone to the barefoot industry. They support how beneficial it is to manage horses barefoot and how detrimental it is to shoe horses with steel shoes or as Bob says "peripheral loading devices".

Prof. Bowker concentrates on equine foot func on at a cellular level, demonstra ng the relationship between internal and external hoof structures in both health and disease. He also discusses the effects of diet, exercise and dental hygiene. In his lectures he relates musculoskeletal and fascial systems of the entire horse.

His research interests focus on navicular syndrome, laminitis and upper body changes in the anatomy in terms of how our husbandry practices affect these issues.

Click here to read more about Prof. Bowker's perspective on navicular syndrome.

This educational event is suitable not only for hoof-care practioners and equine therapists of all modalities (vets, musculo-skeletal therapists, dentists, saddle-fitters), but also for progressive horse owners who want the best for their horses.

  • Date: May 11th & 12th 2019, Brisbane, QLD
  • Time : 9 am—4 pm each day
  • Cost : $220 per person
  • Venue : Dayboro Hall, Bradley St, Dayboro, QLD

Morning & afternoon tea included, byo lunch
For venue enquiries and information contact - Maja Stocker 0417 325 222
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