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Green Pony Blog: Back to the trainer

September 2018 by Jill Griffiths
Jill is a freelance writer specialising in agriculture and environment. She has a BSc in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. This Green Pony blog chronicles her adventures since 'accidentally' purchasing a Quarter Horse yearling named Dante in 2014. The first instalment appeared in the February 2016 issue.

I’m fortunate (or perhaps strategic) in that I have collected a small army of talented horse professionals and friends around me to support my equestrian endeavours. I’m happy to ask for help and advice. There’s always so much to learn. I don’t pretend to know a fraction of what there is to know. Who could?

My horses and I benefit from our trainer/instructor, a couple of body-workers, a hoof trimmer, saddle-fitter, vet and dentist. I have friends and horsemen I’m happy to ask advice and opinions. In recent months, when Dante has had issues with soreness and associated behavioural difficulties, I have drawn upon all of these people and we have made great progress.