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Green Pony Blog: A Hell of a Ride

February 2019 by Jill Griffiths
Jill is a freelance writer specialising in agriculture and environment. She has a BSc in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. This Green Pony blog chronicles her adventures since 'accidentally' purchasing a Quarter Horse yearling named Dante in 2014. The first instalment appeared in the February 2016 issue.

Today it’s just me and the horses. No one else is around. I go into the paddock and say hello to the herd one by one – Tango, the beautiful, athletic palomino; Magic, the retired Standardbred; Cruiser, young fit and curious; Floss, my old girl, eyeing me to see if I have carrots and not very interested in me if I don’t; and Dante, my young boy, my green pony.

I put a halter on Floss and take her out of the paddock. I find a patch of nice grass and let her graze for a bit while I brush the worst of the sand and loose hair from her. Back at the tack shed, I finish grooming her and saddle up. We hit the trail together; she and me and sunshine.