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Green Pony Blog: Out the Front Gate

November 2018 by Jill Griffiths
Jill is a freelance writer specialising in agriculture and environment. She has a BSc in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. This Green Pony blog chronicles her adventures since 'accidentally' purchasing a Quarter Horse yearling named Dante in 2014. The first instalment appeared in the February 2016 issue.

Once again I’m riding Dante on his own, just me and him in the arena. He’s being so good. We walk around on a loose rein then do some pole work. I have set up a group of four poles and a separate pair, plus another pair at right angles. I’m mostly going over them at a walk. He struggles with the four; the spacing seems not quite right. I try it at a trot and he picks his feet up beautifully. No sound of poles being clipped by hooves as he glides effortlessly over them.