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Grounded Hoofcare

July 2017 by Alex Mullarky

It is just past two o’clock when I speak to Maja Stocker from her Queensland home. It is an average day for the barefoot trimmer, who has already trimmed nine “and a half” horses, and is now relaxing in the shade on her leafy veranda. “It was pretty good, a good effort,” she tells me.

Originally from Switzerland, Maja first moved out to Australia with her three children and husband, an intensive care paediatrician, for a two-year research project he was participating in. Sixteen years and six horses later, they’re now based in Brisbane, where Maja trims hooves full time. “It just happened. I never advertised; it’s just always word of mouth. I started trimming my friends’ horses, and then their neighbours, and their neighbours and their friends.”