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H-Line Covered Riding and Lungeing Arenas

October 2018 by H-Line Structures

‘Equitent’ by H-Line Structures - provide the strength and permanency of a mainstream building, with a faster install, and the flexibility to relocate!

Our Riding Halls (Arenas) and Lunging Halls (Round Yards) not only have impressive aesthetics and supreme functionality, but also meet the highest of Australian safety standards, including protection against wind, fire and snow.

The modern products in the Equitent series are complemented with versatile equipment options and a comprehensive range of accessories to withstand even the toughest Australian conditions.

Blending their fast build time-frame with the peace of mind of permanency, Equitent enables you to design the ideal layout for your horse property knowing you can change or expand it when required.

Our structures are designed to meet Australian engineering standards and fire certification with several size options available to suit different terrain categories.

Fabric sides allow for terrific cross flow ventilation, and protection from the elements. They provide shade and reduce wind flow, while allowing natural light and views of the surrounding environment.

The use of high quality materials and well thought out construction, ensure strength durability, robustness and longevity.

As well as having similar characteristics to a permanent building, Equitent offers the buyer the option to relocate and extend length with ease.

With shorter-build timeframes you can see your asset working for you a lot sooner!

From Shelters, to Riding Arenas, to Round Yards and more, H-Line Structures has your equestrian lifestyle covered! 

They can be easily adapted for use as paddock shelters and for group housing when you want to allow your horses to have a ‘central meeting place’ where they can find shelter, eat and socialise with other horses.

If you are interested in discussing your requirements or ideas, feel free to contact us any time on 0428 937 301 or email