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A Home Away from Home

March 2017 by Mats By Design,

Whether you’re out for a day at a show or on the road camping for a week, it’s always good to have your own nice little ‘patch of comfy’ to return to between classes or when the day has ended. 

Picture this, you’re in camp and the day is closing. The horses have been fed and watered. It’s now time to take care of yourself. Maybe it’s Summer, and you’re relaxing with something cool and refreshing or it’s a bit nippy and you’re wanting warm and cosy. You kick off your boots, plop into a comfy chair, stretch your legs and wiggle your toes to relax. Nothing spoils the mood more than a patch of nasty prickles that later get trampled up into the float, making another chore, or worse, finding their way into your swag!

Or perhaps, you’ve arrived later in the day at the grounds, the horses are off the float after the long trip and happily munching on their dinner, and you need to set up camp. You’re planning to sleep in the float but, as usual, there’s poo everywhere. It’s just too late in the day to hose out the float, it won’t dry in time, but you don’t want to lay your swag out in the muck. What are you going to do?

Say good-bye to burrs, bindies, sand, mud and poo, Kylie Leslie and Mats By Design have solved your dilemmas! 

Being a horse woman and Border Collie breeder herself, Kylie has personal experience in the needs and wants of someone travelling and camping with animals. She has developed a simple and practical solution, and combined colour and style to deliver both function and form; the key aims of all good design.

It is important to Kylie that her solution is environmentally responsible. Mats By Design eco-friendly mats tread lightly on the earth both in manufacture and use. They are made of 100% recycled, UV-treated polypropylene. 

Cleaning is simple, a brush and hose is generally enough with the grottier grime being lifted with mild dishwashing liquid and a light scrub with the broom. When in use, the mats allow the grass beneath to breathe, so you don’t even have to worry about leaving a horrible dead patch when you break camp and the grass will take less time to recover.

They are tough, surprisingly lightweight, easy to clean, dry quickly, and won’t trap odours or mildew. Mats By Design mats are bound on all four sides, and have eyelets and tent peg loops for securing and minimising trip hazards. They are also easy to store and transport as each mat comes complete with its own carry bag.

These fantastic mats come in a range of handy sizes and beautiful styles to meet your lifestyle needs. Suitable for using under gazebos, camper trailers, awnings, tents, caravans/motorhome annexes, back of horse floats, or simply on the beach or lawn. Why not keep one in the car as a picnic rug?

Many horse men and women have already discovered Mats By Design and, if you’re out and about with horses as an eventer, pony clubber, polocrosse player, campdrafter or endurance/trail rider, you too will find these mats a welcome addition to your camp kit.

Mats By Design have some exciting new mat designs and a great range of sizes which can be ordered through their website at They ship all over Australia and to New Zealand as well. 

As a special for all Horses and People readers, you can get $20 off a mat until the end of March 2017. Just make sure you use the voucher code HP20 at the checkout to receive this exclusive offer!

A Mats By Design mat is more than just a bit of affordable luxury. It’s an eco-friendly, easy to clean, lightweight and - dare we say it - essential piece of camping kit which proves that, just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you have to rough it! 

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