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Horse Facility (re)Design Part 2: Lessons from History

April 2017 by Leonie Lee, in collaboration with Anthony Worm, Equitecture,
Architect Leonie bridges the gap between equine science and practice through her writing, teaching, design consultancy and lifelong experience; raising awareness on the value of well-designed built environments for horses.

This series of articles on Horse Facility (re)Design will prompt you to (re)consider and (re)evaluate the status quo when it comes to stables, shelters and other equine facilities. 

Last month, we explained how - often unwittingly - when we stable horses, we expose them to harmful conditions; least of all because the built environment is generally at odds with the evolved physiology and behaviour of horses.

This month, we will show how, at each time in history, buildings were made for horses that served the needs of the purpose for which they were kept and the status of the animal based in the culture of its worship. 

In this series we: