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Horse Rugs

July 2015 by Horses and People Magazine
  1. Paddock Pro Rug, $79.00, This breathable, waterproof rug is made from heavy weight denier Ripstop material with 250gm fill and cotton lining, which makes it great for paddock use.
  2. Blanket Lined Tearstop Combo, $190.00, This shower proofed, versatile rug is ideal for the paddock, stable and during travel. Filling all your horse’s needs for a comfortable and durable fit.
  3. Cool Heat Rug, $220.00, A revolutionary design and 100% waterproof, allowing your horse to regulate its own safe inner core body temperature to prevent overheating and chills.
  4. Kozy 600D Nylon Combo, $109.95, Waterproof, breathable, made with 200 grams polyfill with loads of features, this rug is the perfect addition to your horse’s paddock and stabling wardrobe.
  5. N’hay Gear Winter Paddock Rug, $245.00 (Neck and Body Combo), Excellent protection without the weight in a fantastic range of colours. Built to last with quality fittings. Made with fully Australian woven and treated 12oz canvas.
  6. Winter Warrior Wood Rug, Warm, cosy, quality Australian wool with waterproofing to Australian Military standards. Perfectly suited as a warm comfortable stable or under rug.
  7. Outdoor Thor Rug Fleece - Lining Swedish Blue, $150.00, This rug is the perfect protection for your horse in the cooler Autumn and Winter months. Keeping your horse comfortable and warm, with double chest straps.
  8. Caribu Kersey Wool Rug & Hood Set, $149.95, The ultimate winter show or stable set, perfect for clipped horses! Warm 400gsm 80% Kersey Wool blend in Navy and Silver. Feature packed style, comfort and quality.
  9. Bucas Power Turnout Rug, From $310.00, The Stay-Dry lining, combined with a special heat reflective aluminium coating and silver outer, helps regulate your horse’s temperature throughout the day.