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Horses Helping Humans

June 2018 by Sue Spence, Horses Helping Humans Australia,
Sue Spence is an author and the founder of Horses Helping Humans, an award-winning and internationally renowned life skills and communication program that is built on professional horsemanship skills. To find out more visit:

Now in its 14th year, Horses Helping Humans (HHH) has recently won its third Business Award this year for ‘Youth and Children’s Services 2018’. Founder Sue Spence invites you to become a licensee and facilitator for this internationally renowned horsemanship and life skills program. 

HHH has had thousands of young people successfully complete this program that is built on professional horsemanship skills, whereby students work to achieve connection and respect with their horses and ponies, and demonstrate their skills in a presentation show at the end of their three-week course. 

“Watching students who have never felt good at anything receive their trophies and ribbons on show day can still give me goosebumps!” says Sue Spence. “To receive the feedback from Youth and Family Services of the outcomes of re-engagement into school or study is an absolute honour.” 

With academic and scientific research behind all the techniques taught, HHH maintains strong relationships with local universities, including a partnership with Griffith University’s Internship program.

HHH is not equine therapy - although students find it extremely therapeutic. It is a life skills and communications program in which students learn to understand personality types, body language and breathing techniques that help them develop emotional regulation. Now developed as a resource for counsellors and schools to educate young people on anxiety, depression and ADHD,  HHH’s ‘Which horse or pony are you?’ course helps students become aware of their temperament and conditioned responses. 

“Understanding personality types assists young people immensely in finding their identity, so they can aim towards study or jobs that will suit their individual needs,” says Sue. “Within their first session, students are backing up their horses or ponies, circling them and even popping them over jumps. Those with high anxiety or anger issues very quickly learn, unless they change their body language and adjust their breathing, they will not have the connection they need to achieve the groundwork skills they are working on.

 “I want to see more HHH centres open across Australia led by amazing Licensees with hearts to help their communities. I am so proud when I hear the feedback and stories of my Licensees and see what a blessing they are to the young people in their areas.” To learn more about becoming a licensee, visit: