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Horsing Around the World: Iceland

29/06/2017 by Linda Zupanc, Horses and People Magazine

Two days before Christmas last year, my husband surprised me by asking whether I wanted to go on a trip to Lapland to see the Northern Lights. Of course, I responded with “sure!”. 

The next couple of weeks were spent trying to work out the best time to view the Aurora Borealis that fitted with work commitments and where we wanted to go. Although not in Lapland, Iceland was considered a must and my non-horsey husband soon realised this meant we had to see Icelandic horses!

Pre-trip research revealed several interesting facts about the Icelandic horses. For one thing, they have five paces. Desides the regular walk, trot, canter and gallop, they also have tölt, which is four beat, and skeið - also called flying pace - which is two beat. Apparently, both are very comfortable.