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Impatiens Bach Flower Essence

November 2018 by Hetty Tapper
Hetty Tapper is a clinical herbalist with training in aromatherapy, homeopathy, energy healing, tissue salts, bodywork, massage, communication, meridian and charka work, and much more. She enjoys healing horses and has helped many horses that were abused, sick or just misunderstood. Hetty has written two books - ‘Equine Lore’ and ‘Healthy Horses Holistically and Herbal Horse Health’ - to show how we can all learn to help and heal our horses naturally. 

Description: This is the remedy for loneliness. It is known for increasing the acceptance of the natural flow of life. It is used for all cases of impatience, outbursts of bad temper (which tend to pass quickly), and nervousness, tension and hyperactive behaviour. It is for those quick thinking, impetuous types that are always in a hurry and get irritable if they are being held up. 

Name: Impatiens Bach Flower Essence

Biological Name: Impatiens glandulifera