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Learning to Trust Again

March 2018 by Cristina Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Horses and People Magazine

Featured on our cover this month are Kathy Cohalan and her Clydesdale-cross mare, Lola, beautifully photographed by Ann Killeen of Equus Photography. 

Kathy purchased Lola for just $200 from a girl who found her at the sale yards sometime earlier, but she remained untrained and, eventually, unwanted until Kathy came along. 

"The girl who first bought Lola obviously didn't have the time or skills or money to put into her," says Kathy. "But, the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew there was something in her.

"She was very nervous and head-shy and, when I drove up with my husband to pick her up, it took me two hours to get her in the horse float," she continues.