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Let the Riding Begin

February 2017 by Jill Griffiths

When I finally found her, choosing the trainer to take my young horse, Dante, the next step was easy. Sam is a fabulous horseperson - patient and skilled, kind but firm, and easy to get along with. Still, when I dropped Dante off, I was nervously excited. The initial plan was that he’d spend three weeks with Sam to get some basics under saddle. 

We agreed she would just take him as far as she felt he was ready to go in that time and only at the pace he could easily handle; there would be no pushing him to achieve a certain amount in a certain time. She sent me a video after a couple of days. I stared at my phone screen and watched in wonder as Sam rode Dante around the round yard - walk, stop, turn, trot. He looked fabulous. Soft, responsive, relaxed.