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Little Hooves... Big Trouble

September 2017 by Andrew Bowe, BAppSc, Cert III (Farriery), Cert IV (Vocational Training and Assessment),

Regular readers of our articles would know we often base our stories around real life case studies; horses that have navigated the labyrinth of hoof issues about which we write. Case studies breathe life into what can often be a grinding subject. 

Let’s face it, the equine hoof is not the sexiest subject in the wide world of people and horses. Hooves are heavy and dirty and smelly, and are “best left to that farrier chap to deal with, that’s what we pay him for and heck no, we don’t need to read about hooves in our favourite horsey magazine!” (The author ponders if this is why hoofcare articles are always partially submerged and lurking like icebergs down at the back of equine publications?)