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Molendinar Mike’s Fabulous Folding Float Fence

December 2016 by C Design,

Have you ever arrived at an overnight event and found there aren’t any spare yards available? Or had to camp or evacuate to a venue with unknown facilities? Have you ever battled with star pickets and tape to make a temporary fence when camping, not to mention struggled to pull the star pickets out when it’s time to leave? 

Do you have a horse that pulls back when tied to the float? Do you enjoy holiday camping with your horses, but the places you like to go don’t always have yards and horse facilities? Or worse still, have you ever had to off-load your horse during a trip to change a tyre or because of another emergency, but had nowhere to safely contain him?

If you’ve experienced any of these issues and need a solution, look no further! Molendinar Mike has the perfect solution with his Fabulous Folding Float Fence, a portable horse yard that is great for day and weekend events. 

Mike has spent many years travelling and camping with horses and, drawing on his experience, he has designed and manufactured a clever, high-quality, portable fencing system that is easy and safe to use. 

Made from high strength aluminium alloy, with critical load areas reinforced, this light-weight temporary fence literally sets up in seconds! 

To set up, simply unfold the Fabulous Folding Float Fence into any shaped yard you require. It’s all in one piece with simple joining/latch pins and opens as a gate at either end. It will form a stand-alone yard, or you can create a yard off the side of your float, or against an existing wall or fence. Because it stands on uneven ground, you can safely pen your horse in almost any situation. 

The Fabulous Folding Float Fence can be of either ‘standard’ or ‘heavy duty’ construction, with any number of panels. The clever design allows every second panel to fold and stow completely within the previous panel. So, an eight-panel fence will fold up to a pack thickness of four panels. An uneven number of say, nine panels will fold up to a thickness of five panels, whereas 10 panels will also fold to a thickness of five panels. 

‘Standard’ sets are made using 25mm diameter tube with panels 1200mm high by up to 2000mm long, with your choice of two, three or four rails. 

‘Heavy duty’ sets are made using 32mm diameter tube and you have the option of panels 1350mm high by 2000mm long with three rails or 1500mm high by 2000mm long with four rails.  

Fence sets can have any number of panels but, for ease of handling and to keep the weight less than 25kg, four- or six-panel sets are recommended and easily joined together in camp to make larger yards. Generally, two sets of six panels, that is 12 panels, can be carried in one set of brackets on the side of your float when in transit. 

Mike has thought of everything - a ‘standard’ fence comprising of 10 two-rail panels, which weighs just 23kg and is deceptively strong; provision is made for ground pegs to anchor the legs in place if needs be. For fixing to your float or truck, travel and carry brackets and straps can be supplied to suit. 

The Fabulous Folding Float Fence does not require maintenance. However, in the event of damage, your fence can be dismantled for repair or new parts fitted and, if you want extra space per yard it is easy to just add extra panels.

So, whether you’re thinking of THE perfect Christmas gift for someone special, or you’re planning your next camping trip or preparing your emergency evacuation plan, take the worry about how to contain your horse out of the equation with Molendinar Mike’s Fabulous Folding Float Fence.

Mike ships his fences nationally and delivery can be arranged almost anywhere via transport companies.