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New Forage Feeding Recommendations: Part 3, Amount and Texture

July 2017 by Dr Mariette van den Berg, BAppS (Hons), MSc, PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr,

While many horse owners are quite aware of the importance of providing roughage to our horses - either from pasture and/or conserved forages - there are different aspects to consider when deciding on what conserved forage you should feed to your horses and how much you should provide (e.g. quality versus quantity).

This series explains the latest advances and recommendations for feeding conserved forage, presented in a recent review paper (Harris et al. 20161), was initiated by the European Workshop for Equine Nutrition (EWEN) meeting held in Portugal in 2012, which aims to raise awareness on the importance of adequate, and appropriate forage provision for all horses and ponies.