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New Moxidectin Horse Wormer Now Available

March 2017 by Bayer Australia,

Managing internal parasites in horses is a fundamental part of protecting your horse’s health. Now there’s a new treatment available to incorporate into your wormer rotation program. 

Bayer has just launched E-Mox Pro, a new Moxidectin triple active combination wormer paste that’s the latest in parasite control. With years of research and development, Bayer has developed a highly effective, strategic worming treatment that not only provides effective worm control, but also manages wormer resistance.

E-Mox Pro is unique due to its triple active combination of Moxidectin, Oxfendazole and Praziquantel. Moxidectin, a second generation macrocyclic lactone, has persistent and high efficacy against parasites. Its persistent activity is the result of its distribution in fatty tissues, resulting in a residual affect and longer ‘egg reappearance period’ after treatment1

Fewer treatments are required for the same level of parasite control, making it more convenient and cost effective. It also means there is less selection pressure for resistance. 

E-Mox Pro has been proven to have higher Moxidectin bioavailability after treatment compared to Equest® Plus Tape, illustrating its residual activity following treatment2 (See graph below).   

Moxidectin is also well proven to be effective against encysted stages of small strongyles (cyathostomes)1

Small strongyles are the most prevalent gastrointestinal worm in horses and their control is difficult, due to their unique lifecycle. Thousands of larvae can encyst in the intestinal mucosa, remaining arrested and protected for months and even years. 

Danger presents when a mass release of larvae occurs (larval cyathostominosis), which can cause severe inflammation and result in diarrhoea, colic and sometimes death3. E-Mox Pro is proven effective against encysted small strongyles in a single dose with 93%-93.9% efficacy shown, in comparison to as low as 61.2% efficacy in horses treated with Equest® Plus Tape4.  

Using E-Mox Pro at least twice a year in late Autumn and early Spring will reduce the likelihood of encysted larvae at the high risk times of year.   

The addition of a benzimidazole active (oxfendazole) means E-Mox Pro has dual efficacy against roundworms. It not only makes it more effective, but also makes it an ideal rotation treatment to delay the onset of resistance. 

Combination products, such as E-Mox Pro, are highly recommended for use in younger horses to best manage the risk of resistance development in both ascarids (Parascaris equorum) and small strongyles. E-Mox Pro is also recommended for properties that have resistant worms, for horses that suffer high worm challenges and for quarantining purposes. 

We still advise to do regular faecal egg counts (FEC) on your property to ensure you are treating when you need to. FECs can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of your wormer rotation program. 

E-Mox Pro’s unique formulation, high quality and wide safety margin makes it a complete worming solution for all horse owners. Bayer has marketed this product in New Zealand for many years now, where it is the Number One equine wormer product. 

E-Mox Pro is now available from your preferred equine stockist in both single pastes and stud buckets.


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