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Nosebands: How Tight is Too Tight?

May 2018 by Sonja Vandermark, BSc (Hons)
Sonja Vandermark has worked in equine nutrition research and the feed industry. She currently operates a horse complex in Western Victoria and enjoys studying and practising Equitation Science as well as keeping abreast of equine research across varied fields.

If you’ve been bridle shopping lately, you may have noticed the choices are mind boggling and also it is near impossible to buy a plain cavesson noseband without a flash/drop/chin strap attached. 

Riders involved in any discipline - from pony club, to adult riding, to advanced levels of showjumping and dressage - will have noticed the trend towards increasing amounts of ‘head gear’ over recent years. Perhaps so much so that a simple cavesson, loosely fitted, seems out of place in these environments, let alone the absence of a noseband altogether.