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Omega Feeds - All Natural Superfoods

April 2017 by Omega Feeds,

The team at Omega Feeds have scientifically formulated a range of horse feed products based on the goodness of the sunflower. 

Sunflower seeds are the unsung superfood containing high-quality vitamins, minerals, cofactors and enzymes, which makes them an excellent addition to your horse’s diet!

What makes their products even more unique is they take the sunflower seed, dehull it, and separate the fibre and fat components to create a product range that is more easily digestible and suitable for a variety of horses. 

Whether you have a easy keeper, hard doer, horse at rest or a high performance horse, Omega Feeds has a product suitable for you!

The top four reasons why feeding Omega Feeds is the better choice for your horse:

  1. Products are based on sunflower, not grain. Because the equine digestive system is poorly designed to digest large quantities of grain, there’s a limit to how much grain you can feed without risking digestive upsets
  2. Sunflowers are a known superfood.
  3. Sunflower kernels are full of rich omega fats. Fat is a safe and excellent energy/calorie source for horses. Fat contains more than twice the energy content of starch, and horses digest and utilise fat well. Supplementing fat into the diet can increase calorie intake, without greatly increasing the quantity of feed, so it can be more economical to use Omega Feeds.
  4. A quality fibre source is essential in a horse’s diet for proper digestive function. The horse’s digestive system has been designed to digest fibre not grain, which is why our three complete horse feeds are based on the fibrous hull of the sunflower. 

Our product range

  • PonyPlus - A low-starch, low-sugar feed for horses with metabolic conditions, such as laminitis, cushing’s disease and obesity.
  • No-Grain Gold - For spellers and horses in light to medium work.
  • No-Grain Platinum - For performance horses in medium to heavy work.
  • WeightGain - A high calorie (28% fat) supplement to increase bodyweight and condition. 
  • MaxiCoat - An all-natural coat and hoof supplement.

From pleasure riding through to elite competition, Omega Feeds has a product that will suit your horse and help improve their performance.

With proven results, you really cannot go past an Omega Feeds diet!