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Available worldwide by subscription and in Newsagents and select stores in Australia.
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A Proven Track Record in Equine Products

July 2017 by Magnum Industries,

Trusted by horse owners, for over 20 years, Magnum Industries have gained a reputation for manufacturing and supplying quality horse products that are truly guaranteed to last. 

Your one-stop equine shop, our most popular products, available to horse owners, include:

  • Horse Walkers
  • Aqua Walkers
  • Magnaclad Wall Lining
  • Stable Hardware
  • Stable Accessories
  • Feed Bins and Water Troughs
  • Mare and Foal Crushes
  • Arena Rakes

Designed for horses and people

With the safety and comfort of horses and people as a priority, at Magnum Industries, we take pride in being innovative, flexible and committed to quality workmanship.

We have spent many years perfecting our products and we continue to work closely with our customers, so you can rest assured the Magnum Industries product you choose will be right for you, your property and your horses.

Built for pleasure and performance

Introducing our superior Horse Walker range at Magnum Industries.

For many years, our Magnum Industries Horse Walkers have been considered a necessary tool for race training. Today, their use in other horse sports is continuing to grow, with Sir Mark Todd and Carl Hester now using their own Magnum Industries Horse Walkers. 

Constructed using quality materials, our Horse Walkers are designed for safe, ergonomic operation. With options for a fitted roof and internal lunging ring available, and sizes ranging from 12 metres (6 horses) to a massive 30 metres (20 horses), Magnum Industries Horse Walkers are ideal for fitness, conditioning, strengthening, rehabilitation and pre-training for every equestrian discipline.

Quality and durability doesn’t stop with our Horse Walkers, our incredibly popular range of feed bins and water troughs are made from indestructible plastic built to last and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Fixtures and fittings are available for wall and fence mounted units so you can tailor a feeding and watering solution to suit your needs.

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