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Putting the Chill on Back Pain with Equi-Ice

September 2017 by Equi-Ice,

Your horse’s back is a highly developed structure that provides both range of motion and stability for your horse to excel in athletic performance and perform all functional movements. It is crucial the integrity of your horse’s back remains healthy and pain-free at all times. Any restriction or pain can impact not only your horse’s performance, but may also negatively affect your horse’s nature.

Horses with back pain communicate with their owners and trainers, and it’s up to us to know what signs and symptoms to look out for. These can include:

  • Bucking/rearing,
  • Lacking hind-limb engagement,
  • Difficulty with particular movements, such as flying changes,
  • Difficulty collecting,
  • Resentment of saddle application,
  • A reluctance to go forward,
  • A reluctance to jump and many more.

If you suspect your horse is suffering from back pain or you are concerned about anything to do with your horse’s welfare, consult your veterinarian or specialist equine physiotherapist. 

Tom Simpson, who has worked with some of the country’s leading performance horses as a specialist equine physiotherapist, including the superstar galloper Winx, has been treating horses with recovery and pain for over 10 years. It inspired him to create ‘Equi-Ice’ - a relatively new, yet simple ice pack specifically designed for the horse’s anatomy, that delivers three in one ground-breaking results across all equine disciplines. Equi-Ice helps to relieve horse back pain, promotes recovery after exercise, and contributes to the horse’s wellbeing in hot climates through reduction of core temperature and heart rate. “

“Cryotherapy, or icing, is common practice to ice our horses’ legs following exercise to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation and swelling, and promote faster recovery. So, why don’t we consider this for the back and hind limb? The engine room of the horse! I personally have found effective ice treatment of this area can be a great way to ensure these athletes are in their best shape to perform the discipline they require. I developed Equi-Ice to contour to the anatomy of the horse and deliver direct ice application in the most effective way. I use Equi-Ice daily on my client’s horses and have advocates for the product across many different equine disciplines - from racing, to dressage, endurance and showjumping. But, just as importantly, any horse with pain or that needs to recover after a run can benefit from Equi-Ice... And the Aussie Summer can be brutal but, with Equi-Ice, your horse needn’t suffer.” says Tom.

You can read more about the benefits of Equi-Ice, and to add this product to your tack, you can purchase online at  By entering the coupon code ‘hap’ at the checkout, Horses and People readers also get 10% off!