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Say Neigh to Itch and Ticks

November 2015 by Ark Essentials

Ark Essentials is a small retail business based in the Hunter Valley town of Cessnock in New South Wales. At Ark Essentials, we are dedicated to providing non-toxic, natural and raw organic products for healing and protecting ourselves, and our beloved animal friends from the ever increasing number of bugs and skin issues that are becoming more resistant to chemical treatments.

In response to a hair-related epidemic in 2011, we took a leap of faith and manufactured a four-step programme for the eradication of head lice on humans called NIT BUSTERS. The release of this product was so successful that when it hit the air waves, people from all over Australia and New Zealand flocked to our website to purchase the NIT BUSTERS products.

Now, you may ask yourself why on earth would this be in a Horse Magazine?