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Sport Horse Welfare and SociaLicence to Operate: A Professional Development Event.

December 2018 by Horses and People
Horse SA is host to the world-first cross-sector racing and equestrian welfareprofessional development event examines the ‘why and how to’ of state-of-the-art welfare assessment plus the public discourse on horse sport social licence to operate at Hahndorf, South Australia in February 2019.

Day one overview:

Professor Emeritus David Mellor, Massey University New Zealand: Development of understanding leading to state of the art welfare assessment.

Martin Burns, General Manager Racing & Equine Welfare NZ Thoroughbred Racing: The lived experience of introducing state of the art welfare assessment to NZ racing

Dr Andrew McLean, Co-Director Equitation Science International Victoria Australia: The winds of change: Reflection on the international adoption of evidence-based training

Julie Fiedler, Candidate Masters in Communication CQU:  Sport horse welfare & social licence to operate

Day two overview: 

Applying five domains welfare assessment to the sport horse

A constructive workshop exercise in discovering positive aspects of sport horse welfare. How to apply the five domains model to help the understanding of welfare, raise awareness of when welfare is positive or could be improved, and as a tool to evaluate your horse welfare plans. Professor Emeritus David Mellor/Dr. Andrew McLean/Martin Burns
This event is for executive committee and/or staff in horsesport organisations responsible for welfare plans, or universities and RTOs in a position to train in the application of the five domains welfare assessment model.

Invitations will be sent out first, prior to open advertising early December.

Click here for General information.  Register here Expression of Interest.  Download flyer.

Interested horse sport organisations are invited to contact Horse SA. Fees: $AUD525 two days, general admission/$AUD440 two days, Horse SA member.

Horse SA members will be invited to register for dinner in due course- a great networking event. In addition, a local workshop is in planning for members, based on the learnings from this event.