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May 2015 by Horses and People Magazine
  1. AWAN TEC Stirrups, $159.99, Fashionable and safe, these stirrups always correctly positioned with a secure and firm position. The extra broad tread ensures a firm hold of the foot, in case of falling.
  2. Child’s Composit Stirrups, $29.95, This strong but lightweight two bar stirrup is made from super tough resins and produced by DuPont du Nemours, who guarantee its properties.
  3. Tekna Stirrups, $99.95, The Flex-Tek has very clean and efficient lines and no extruding pieces, allowing the rider to gain the benefit of the flexible pad angle. Designed for metal or rubber pads.
  4. Stuebben Maxi Grip Stirrups, $296.95, Lightweight and strong, these stirrups allow a secure lower leg for balance and comfort in the saddle. Suitable for all purposes - from trail riding to pony club.
  5. FREEJUMP Stirrups, $339.00, The next step in safety. Expertly balanced for perfect foot position with a flexible outer branch in case of fall. Nonslip studded tread surface also provides a good grip.
  6. Ranchman’s Flat Bottom Wooden Stirrups, $125.00, Amish-made from a laminated wood which reduces foot and leg fatigue. Ideal for comfort and durability in the saddle with that added Western appeal.
  7. Gold Medal Fillis Stirrups, $109.95, Featuring a heavyweight iron with knife edge base and white rubber stirrup pads for that added touch of class in the show ring. Available in ladies’ and men’s sizes.
  8. Peacock Irons, From $24.95, With an elastic release band, these stirrups are designed so a rider is less likely to get a foot stuck in a stirrup in case of a fall or accident. Made from stainless steel.
  9. Alloy Anodised Irons, $86.95, Durable, lightweight and fashionable, these stirrups promise to turn heads with their vibrant colour. Ride with balance and stability with their heavy tread.
  10. SmartRider ‘Escape’ Breakaway Stirrups, $98.30, With provisions for English leathers as well as Western, these stirrups are extremely comfortable and available in 9 colours. Suitable for all disciplines and riders.
  11. EZ Ride Stirrups, $125.00, Nylon stirrups with cages suitable for all ages and disciplines. Ideal for endurance, trail riding or pony club. Ride with comfort, safety and stability every day.