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Sublime Passions: Delacroix’s Horses

July 2018 by Dr Georgina Downey

I first saw Horses Coming out of the Sea when I was two or three years old, and I hold it entirely responsible for my love of both horses and art. 

It featured in my first picture-books, the ground-breaking ‘Masters of Colour’ part-work series, published by Fabbri in the mid-1960’s in affordable weekly editions, each with 16 superbly-printed colour plates. My mother, keen to bring culture, or at least distraction, to my baby sister and me, eagerly subscribed to it at the local newsagent. 

Horses Coming out of the Sea and Arab Horses Fighting were my favourite works from the Delacroix issue. They’re mature works, painted late in Delacroix’s career and only three years before he died.