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Summer Rugs

March 2015 by Horses and People Magazine
  1. N’hay Gear PVC Rug, From $225.00, Made to last, our all mesh composition or hybrid (pictured) rugs use ripstop along the back line for extra protection from biting insects. Custom and standard sizes.
  2. Demeulenkamp Itch Rug, From $250.00, Protecting horses from QLD Itch in Australia since 2009. No chemicals just a physical barrier to prevent midges from feeding on your horse between dusk and dawn.
  3. Happy Horse Fly Buster Combo, $79.95, Featuring heavy mesh combo with full hood and ears, our rug will keep your horse well protected from biting insects while remaining cool throughout Summer.
  4. Maxi Summer Combo, $59.95, Keep those biting insects at bay with our quality rugs made with polycotton ripstop fabric lined shoulders, full shoulder gusset and double reinforced leg straps.
  5. Eurohunter Airflow Rug, $109.90, Featuring anti-rub lining in shoulders and mane, shoulder gussets for greater freedom, Diamond Ripstop material, removable leg straps and soft mesh fabric.
  6. Caribu Euro-Breeze Attached Hood Combo, $79.95, Caribu’s most popular rug for the Summer season, this durable custom-made 270gsm mesh rug is designed for superior insect protection and cool Summer comfort.
  7. Wild Horse Australia Rug, $79.95, With insect shield, safety buckles, extended chest lining protection, extra deep and long tail shirt, our insect control ripstop rug is the choice of Summer rug this season.
  8. Buzz-Off Zebra Rug, $270.00 inc. mask, Our range of fly, insect and UV protective rugs are made from a specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric - blocking even the smallest of insects.
  9. Showcraft Mesh Combo, $54.95, Our sturdy flymesh combo helps protect against flies, midges and UV rays. Fully bound with secure chest fittings, removable leg straps and anti-rub mane lining.
  10. Shayd D Rug, $174.00, Made with 75% UV protected mesh, our rugs will protect from sun fade, sunburn, mosquitos and insects throughout Summer. The brand you can trust.