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The Mystery of Colic in the Horse

June 2018 by Dr Morgan Weber, BVSc (Hons), MANZCVS (Equine Medicine), Newcastle Equine Centre
A veterinarian from the Newcastle Equine Centre in New South Wales, Australia, Dr Morgan's main areas of interest are equine medicine, anaesthesia and dentistry.

Even though colic is a common ailment in horses, it can be mysterious and frightening for horse owners. 

Colic is a generalised term referring to any type of abdominal pain in the horse and most commonly originates from within the gastrointestinal tract, or gut. 

This article will focus on the gastrointestinal causes of colic to help horse owners broaden their understanding of the problem and be able to make informed decisions regarding their horse if colic does occur. 

Clinical signs of colic can vary greatly from horse to horse. The most common symptoms include: