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The Up’s and Down’s of Horse Breeding

31/07/2017 by Dr John Chopin, BVSc, PhD, FANZCVS, Registered Specialist in Equine Reproduction, WestVETS,

Breeding your own horses is an option many horse owners aim to try at some stage. Most owners have a mare that they want to breed from. However, very few owners decide to manage and educate a stallion with the prospect of using him as a sire. This article answers many frequently asked questions that relate to both the mare owner and the future stallion owner. 

Stallions might be considered a breeding option to increase genetic gain, financial gain or prestige. Stallions are 50% of the genetic equation and, as such, are an important factor. This article answers some of the questions associated with using stallions for breeding.

What is the difference between artificial insemination and natural cover, and why should each be used for breeding?