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Too Much Grass? Not Enough? Here's How to Manage

December 2018 by Jane and Stuart Myers
Jane and Stuart Myers are the dynamic duo behind - an educational movement informing on responsible, sustainable and ethical horse-keeping. Together, they have co-authored several books and recently launched an online course bringing Horse Management into the 21st Century.
Jane and Stuart Myers image by Linda Zupanc

If you graze horses in Australia you will be used to living that old saying... “it never rains but it pours”. While some areas are still experiencing the effects of a devastating drought, in past few weeks, rain has been falling heavily in more coastal regions, sparking the grass into life.

After going through a long dry period, the plants will be very high in sugars and starches until they have time to recover properly. Horses will desperately gorge on the available green pick and this is when many cases of laminitis occur.

Here are the grazing tips that will help you manage.

Grazing management pays